Artist Reimagines ‘Incredibles’ Kids As Adults And His Drawings Are Intense

This isn't the adorable cartoon family you're used to!

Disney has had an “incredible” summer, so far. The release of the long-awaited sequel to its blockbuster movie “The Incredibles” finally hit theaters and it took the world by storm. As of July 2, the movie has taken in more than $650 million in international box office sales.

The sequel took 14 long years to hit theaters, leaving fans anxious to see what happened to their favorite characters: Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, their daughter Violet and sons Dash and Jack-Jack. With “Incredibles 2” doing so well in box office sales, we hope we won’t have to wait so long to see what the future has in store for the Parr family next time!

incredibles 2 photo
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One fan decided he didn’t want to wait for another movie to see a more grown-up version of “The Incredibles” kids. Australian artist Warrick Wong used his talent and imagination to bring a darker, more mature look to the young superheroes — and their parents as well.

“I was a huge fan of the first ‘Incredibles,’ especially Jack-Jack!” Wong explained to BuzzFeed. “I loved how he had multiple powers which was what led me to think, ‘What would he look like if he grew up and learned to control and harness those powers?'”

So, Wong created the images, and a little alternate-universe backstory for each, and shared them on social media for the world to see. Prepare yourself: these are not the adorable little ones you’re used to seeing!

Violet Parr

Grown-up Violet, with her protective shielding powers, really comes out of her shell in the future according to Wong. The artist said he wanted to make her “a super confident badass” like “Terminator” heroine Sarah Connor.

Dash Parr

Wong’s vision for the quick-moving and fast-thinking Dash takes him to new limits in the future. The artist sees Dash developing his superpowers to light speed “like The Flash” and being able to time travel!

Jack-Jack Parr

The youngest Parr child, Jack-Jack, has the most powers of the entire family. So, Wong had a lot of inspiration to work with in creating the mature-version of the boy. Wong decided to highlight three of Jack-Jack’s many powers in his artwork: monster, torch and lasers. A trifecta of terrific powers!

Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible

Things haven’t gone so well for the head of the family, Mr. Incredible, according to Wong. After a personal tragedy, Bob turned to a darker side and searched for revenge for his presumed lost family. Wong dubbed his piece “Old Man Incredible.” The beard and tattoo make him look pretty menacing!

Helen Parr/Elastigirl

The central character of “The Incredibles 2” faced a troubled future in Wong’s imagination. Held captive by an arch-enemy and presumed dead by the world, Helen Parr/Elastigirl is shown in the concept art as storming back and ready for a fight!

ELASTIGIRL – Her children thought she was dead. Bob thought she was dead. Everyone thought she was dead… But in reality she had been captured by their arch nemesis and experimented on with cutting edge cybertech. The only thing that kept her going was the thought of reuniting with her family. Then finally after 14 years, when the opportunity arose, Helen managed to escape. She destroyed the lab and was ready to bring back the Incredibles! . . . THANK YOU to everyone who’s been following my little Incredibles III alternate universe. I never imagined it would blow up like it did! It was super fun doing the whole family and I appreciate all the amazing feedback from everyone ❤️ . . . #elastigirl #mrincredible #violet #incredibles2 #dash #jackjack #superhero #superpower #pixar #disney #art #illustration #drawing #incredibles #badass #marvel #comic #super #conceptart #characterdesign #forcefield #superstrength #strongman #hulk #allmight

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And, while he’s not a member of the Parr family, the Incredibles team would not be complete without Frozone, right? So, Wong created a piece of art with this cool guy as the centerpiece. His future is left a little more to the fans’ imaginations, but he looks totally amazing!

LUCIUS – Soon after the defeat and separation of The Incredibles, Frozone lost his beloved wife to illness. With nothing left he wandered off becoming a recluse, a vigilante vagabond. After 14 long years, rumours of Elastigirl’s return began to surface… – That’s all guys! You can fill in the blanks for the rest of this alternate universe! Thanks once again for the all the feedback 🙂 I’ll be returning to my comic and storybook plus more brushpens drawings will be coming your way ✨😎✨ . . . #frozone #elastigirl #mrincredible #violet #incredibles2 #dash #jackjack #superhero #superpower #pixar #disney #art #illustration #drawing #incredibles #badass #marvel #comic #super #conceptart #characterdesign #forcefield #superstrength #strongman #hulk #allmight

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Those are pretty sweet! One of the best things about social media is seeing what creative people are able to do with beloved characters. I’d put these right up there with the artist who gave us real-life versions of the Disney princesses.