This Bar Is Serving ‘Gilmore Girls’-Themed Cocktails

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Just when you thought your obsession for “Gilmore Girls” couldn’t become any more intense, information like this gets dropped. There’s a bar serving “Gilmore Girls”-themed cocktails! We know where all you “Gilmore Girls” fans will be spending happy hour from now on!

Where exactly can you get your hands on these Rory-and-Lorelai-themed libations? They’re being served at a bar and restaurant called Grand Army, which is located in Brooklyn. So, New Yorkers, you’re in luck. The rest of us will have to plan a trip to the Big Apple—or try to copy the delicious-sounding cocktail recipes at home!

Grand Army is mixing up 12 different “Gilmore Girls”-themed cocktails this spring. There’s everything from coffee-flavored beverages (naturally) to fruit and vodka mixes you’re sure to love. Of course, they all come with names that reference the show. Like any true “Gilmore Girls” fan would, you’ll get a kick out of ordering the “That Damn Donna Reed,” a cocktail made with gin, Pisco, absinthe, hibiscus and lime.

Head bartender and co-owner Damon Boelte told Grub Street all about why they decided to feature these TV-themed drinks on their spring menu.

“We like to promote the friendly, communicative neighborhood vibes at Grand Army,” he said. “It’s kind of mind-blowing to see how many cheerful people instantly picked these references up, a true testament to the cult status of ‘Gilmore Girls.'”

What better way to break the ice than by learning the person sitting beside you at the bar is also a huge “Gilmore Girls” fan when she orders a “Hep Alien.” Drinks and good conversation? Happy hour, indeed!

The Grand Army is located at 336 State Street in Brooklyn, so if you don’t live nearby, you may just want to plan a trip. You and all of your girls need to be sipping on “Gilmore Girls” cocktails, and you know it! So, raise a glass to Rory and Lorelai—if you can’t actually have a cup of coffee with your favorite mother-daughter duo, you might as well be toasting to them!





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