This Video Of A Bear Wandering Through The Hotel That Inspired ‘The Shining’ Is Going Viral

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, famoulsy inspired Stephen King’s novel “The Shining” after the author and his wife paid the place a visit. Now the renowned hotel is home to another scary encounter — a high-priority customer, you might say! But getting this guest checked out is where the focus was.

Someone videotaped a bear wandering around the lobby of The Stanley, and posted it to Facebook, where it’s now going viral. At the time of publication, it had been viewed over 611,000 times.

The video was simply captioned:

“Late night visitor from the wildside visits our hotel lobby. We’ll make an exception to the rule about jumping on the furniture.”

As you can see, the bear made himself at home, testing out all of the furniture and the luxurious carpeting. The hotel didn’t seem to be too bothered by their rather large bear visitor, but umm, we have a feeling he might not get along so well with the other guests.

Others online, however, are rather enjoying the idea of a bear as a hotel guest. One Facebook user went so far as to hilariously imagine the kind of review this bear might leave about the hotel:

“Bear leaves rating on Trip Advisor: I give the Stanley Hotel [two stars],” the Facebook comment read. “Would like to give it a [four star] rating but service was, well non existant [sic], no one around. I wandered around the lobby looking for someone so I could see if there was a vacancy for tonight. The lobby was gorgeous! Tables and chairs very sturdy and comfy. I would be willing to come back again and give the staff a second chance at service.”

While this is a funny and strange occurrence, this actually isn’t the first time a bear has wound up in a place where he wasn’t necessarily welcome. For example, this bear was caught going for a swim in a backyard pool in Vancouver. Previously, another bear — possibly the same one? — got caught on video ransacking the bird feeder at the same residence:

Tony Diering is the Vancouver resident who caught the bear(s) enjoying his yard.

“It’s just amazing,” Diering told CTV News. “You see funny things on YouTube, but to have it happening in your own backyard …”

Hey, anything can happen! So if you’re going to be staying in a hotel or taking a swim before the summer’s over, be sure to check for bears!