11 Of The Best Dog And Owner Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Your dog just might upstage you with these adorable Halloween costumes!

I could think of about a million reasons to get a dog, but when it’s time for Halloween, I can always add a few more to the list. From trick-or-treating with your furry friend, to making them some fall-themed goodies (yes, fall-themed dog treats really exist), it’s seriously a great time of year to have a four-legged friend.

But the best part? Costumes! Obviously.

While your pooch might not think so, dressing them up for the holiday is pretty much the cutest thing to ever happen. Ever. And what if your costume matches your dog? Well, then, you’ve totally won Halloween.

Here’s a roundup of the best owner-dog costumes we found on the internet. They’re in no particular order of awesomeness because how could one possibly choose a favorite? Enjoy!