If you have an instant pot, check out these 10 groups for best recipes and cooking tips

Ah, the Instant Pot. In the past few years, the electric pressure cooker has become an immediate classic in thousands of kitchens all over the world. That’s because the Instant Pot is really that darn awesome. The useful tool can sauté, cook rice, make yogurt, slow cook and pressure cook. And yes, you can even make a cake in it.

The Instant Pot was also one of the most popular kitchen appliances to give and receive this past holiday season, so we’re betting there are a lot of newly-minted Instant Pot owners still scratching their heads about how to use their new kitchen tool. Instant Pot Facebook groups to the rescue!

While it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed while learning to use the device, you don’t have to rely solely on the manual to get your sea legs. There are scores of useful and supportive Facebook groups, where you can pick up tips and recipes from seasoned pros. Here are 10 groups you absolutely must join to get the most out of your Instant Pot.

1. Instant Pot Recipes Only

With a whopping 278,000 members, this is a great place to share and swap all sorts of recipes for the Instant Pot. You can also post about issues you may be having with your pot.

instant pot photo
Flickr | Alachua County

2. Instant Pot For Beginners

Just as the group title says, this is a supportive place for IP newbies. No judgment, only love!

Instant Pot for Beginners

3. Instant Pot Parents

If you’re a parent, the kid-friendly recipes shared in this group will be sure to save your sanity on a weeknight.


4. Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes R Us

Don’t eat meat? Request to join this group, where all of the recipes are plant-based.

vegetarian photo
Flickr | D-Stanley

5. “Dump And Push Start” Easy Instant Pot Recipes

A great spot to find super-easy recipes for the IP. It is the group where you can find “dump and go” recipes, meaning you literally toss all of the ingredients into the Instant Pot and turn the thing on! Bonus: The recipes here also work in a slow cooker or Crock-Pot.

one pot meal photo
Flickr | Shreveport-Bossier: Louisiana's Other Side

6. The Paleo Instant Pot

This group is chock full of ideas for those of the Paleo persuasion. You’ll find all kinds of yummy recipes that don’t include any dairy, grains, sugar, soy or legumes.


7. Instant Pot For Indian Food

Whether Indian food is your favorite or you are looking to expand your flavor horizons, this could be the ideal Instant Pot group for you!

indian food photo
Flickr | Sean MacEntee

8. Weight Watchers With Instant Pot

If you’re counting points on Weight Watchers, this group will be a haven where you can learn and share recipes that fit your way of eating.

weight watchers photo
Flickr | JeepersMedia

9. Gluten Free Instant Pot

Have celiac disease or just prefer to avoid gluten? You’ll find plenty of ideas for your menu here.

gluten free meal photo
Flickr | Cooking Gluten Free

10. Instant Pot Freezer Meals And Batch Cooking

As the name suggests, this group is all about freezer and batch cooking. Think of how convenient it would be to prep some meals, freeze them and then pop them in the IP for a healthy, hot dinner that’s ready in no time!


You will have to request to join most of these groups. But once you become a member, you will have access to loads of delicious and quick recipes, tips and perhaps even friendship with like-minded home cooks. Now, go ahead and get cooking!