Betty Crocker has a new line of Oreo baking mixes, plus frosting

Betty Crocker's new Oreo baking kit
Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker has teamed up with Oreo for a baking line so you can enjoy the flavor of an Oreo cookie in brand-new ways, fresh out of your oven.

The new line features four baking mixes that come with real Oreo pieces. You’ll be able to create cakes and cupcakes with Betty Crocker Oreo Chocolate Cake Mix or White Cake Mix. Or, bake up some delicious brownies with Oreo Brownie Mix. You can also buy an Oreo Lava Cake Mix that comes with baking cups so you can make individual servings.

The baking mixes and frosting are on store shelves at retailers nationwide now. Betty Crocker does not say if they will be around for a limited time or if they are part of the brand’s permanent lineup, but you may want to grab them soon just in case they don’t stick around. Betty Crocker Oreo Baking Mixes are priced at around $4.22 depending on the retailer.

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In addition to the baking mixes, the collaboration is releasing a can of frosting to top any dessert or use as a filling. Give your baked goods full Oreo flavor with Oreo Creme Whipped Frosting, which is designed to taste just like the creme inside an Oreo. The frosting has an MSRP of $2.98.

Want to try them all? You can also get a kit with all four of the new Oreo flavors and two tubs of frosting for $37.

Oreo x Betty Crocker baking kit
Betty Crocker

$37 at Walmart

If you want a little something extra to go with your baked sweets, Oreo also has a line of frozen ice cream treats that includes bars, cones, sandwiches and tubs.

The treats all have a creme-flavored base and chunks of Oreo cookies. The bars and cones are also dipped in a coating made from crushed Oreo cookies. The ice cream sandwiches look like a large version of an Oreo cookie and are made with ice cream and cookie pieces between two cookie wafers.

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Are Oreo cookies one of your favorite sweet treats?

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