Boy puts toys up for sale to pay for service dog’s medical care

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Copper, a 4-year-old Doberman, has been an important part of the Jayne family for years. At first, the loyal dog was simply a pet. However, when 10-year-old Connor Jayne began experiencing significant health issues, Copper’s role changed into something even more important: a service dog.

Back in 2016, Connor began experiencing night terrors, headaches, fatigue, and uncontrolled behavior, according to his mom, Jennifer. Doctors ordered a variety of tests and medications, but could not find the answers they needed to figure out what was going on with the boy.

Answers eventually came from a most unexpected source: Copper!

One night, Copper kept barking and led Jennifer into her son’s room and watched as her son had a frightening seizure. Fortunately, doctors were able to finally pinpoint the issue and began treating Conner.

But, Copper knew he still had work to do. His young friend still suffers from anxiety and other health issues. Copper can sense when an anxiety attack will hit Conner and that’s when the service dog goes into action. The dog pushes his body against the boy to help provide comfort and relieve the boy’s symptoms.

Recently, though, Copper has faced his own health struggles. And, this time, Conner is the one who jumped into action to help the dog he calls “one of his best friends.”

After noticing how Copper had a hard time walking and getting around, Jennifer brought the family’s beloved dog to the veterinarian. The news wasn’t good: a possible diagnosis of Wobbler syndrome, which impacts an animal’s spinal cord.

More testing and treatment is necessary to get a definitive answer about Copper’s condition. According to Jennifer, this means an MRI (which costs up to $3,200,) plus other tests, therapy and medications.

So, Copper’s young friend knew he had to do something to help. Conner organized a garage sale to sell his toys. Any money he earned from the sale would help cover the costs for Copper’s medical treatment. And, if there was money leftover, Connor would donate it to other dogs needing help.

In addition to the yard sale, held on June 24, the family started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for Copper. They set a goal of $2,800 and in two weeks, had collected more than $17,000 in donations! Because of the money raised so far, Jennifer was able to schedule the necessary MRI on July 10.

Copper and Connor are the perfect example of how people and animals can form a special bond that brings love and comfort to one another. We wish them the best as they both move forward with their treatments!

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