10 Brilliant Ways To Become Your Most Organized Self Ever

It’s one thing to do some spring cleaning, but it’s a completely separate thing to keep your house tidy and organized for the rest of the year. You’re all motivated to clear the clutter in April, but by the end of June the empty sunscreen bottles and flip flops are left everywhere, only adding more chaos and clutter to your life.

But, if you use these organization hacks this year, then by next spring you’ll have way less clean-up on your hands. These methods of storage make it easy to always put items back in their place, and that’s just the kind of thing you need.

So, for an organized home that’s as pretty as it is functional, give these tricks a try.

1. Fold Bedding In Pillow Cases

Bedding can be a tricky thing to store. But, if you fold the sheets up nice and tight, they’ll fit inside of a pillow case, and you’ll always be able to keep them separate and organized.

Carolina Charm

2. DIY Charging Station

Creating a charging station will clear some of those unsightly cords and make a stylish little corner on your desk where you can easily charge your phone, without the mess. Follow this tutorial.

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 8.00.35 PM

3. Clothes Pin Weekly Calendar

Color-coding is a great way to keep yourself on track. And it’d be hard not to implement this adorable system of making sure you’re on schedule each and every day of the week.

A Charming Project

4. Shoe Box Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry always has a way of getting tangled or disappearing right when you’re ready to wear it. Well, not anymore! A shoe box is all you need to save the day. Follow this tutorial.

Smart 'n Snazzy

5. Shopping Bag Shelves

Hanging shopping bags on the wall is a chic way to make sure your things are put away, don’t you think? Plus, you know you didn’t want to throw those cute bags out, anyways. Now, you can put them to good use. Follow this tutorial.

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 8.06.52 PM
Le Zoe Musings

6. Create Shelves For Shoes

Having a special place to store shoes will help keep pairs together— and get the out of the walkway!

My Domaine

7. DIY Jewelry Storage Mirror

Turn a hanging mirror into a super cute way to display and store your jewelry. Why didn’t I think of this before? Follow this tutorial.

A Beautiful Mess

8. Turn A Pegboard Into Functional Decoration

Who knew a simple pegboard could turn into such a decorative way to store a wide variety of things? Put this up in virtually every room in your house for all of the purposeful décor you could ever need.

Better Homes and Gardens

9. Add Magnets To Tupperware For More Refrigerator Storage

Adding magnets to Tupperware will help you create even more space for storage in your refrigerator. Now more digging around in there anymore!

Magnetic plastic containers
Tater Tots & Jello

10. Store Grooming Tools On Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips can easily go on the inside of cabinets to store tweezers, clippers and more helping your bathroom tools stay easily accessible and organized.

Super Woman

Who’s in the mood for some spring cleaning that will last all year long, now? I know I am!