7 Cheap Organizing Hacks For A Clutter-Free Home

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Keeping an organized and clutter-free house can make all the difference in the world. Running around searching for important items doesn’t make for a stress-free environment, but having a sleek-looking, easy-to-navigate home not only saves time, but will help you feel more relaxed as well.

In fact, studies show that physical clutter can have an impact on the brain, overloading your senses and taking away your attention from the tasks you are trying to focus on.

No one wants to spend a lot of money investing in fancy organization tools or expensive home goods, but luckily you don’t have to indulge in fancy shelving or units for an orderly space.

There a number of DIY tricks you can do at home that don’t cost a lot, but can help keep your space attractive and organized. Try these seven cheap organizing hacks you can make yourself for a clutter-free home.

1. Board Game Shelves

Need a place for all those board games, but don’t want to dedicate a whole furniture piece to it? The 36th Avenue recommends using an inexpensive shelf hanger instead. Your board games will be easy to see, and more importantly, easy to put away. Amazon has hanging accessory shelves for $7.99.


2. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

If you need a place to hold your toothbrush and toothpaste or other bathroom items, use a mason jar and paint it to match the decor of your bathroom. You can use old jars from tomato sauce or pick up fresh ones from a craft store. Get instructions and inspiration here, then order a dozen 4-ounce mason jars for $8.47.

3. Shoebox Dividers

Need to organize your drawers? Customize your own dividers by using old shoeboxes, making different shapes and sizes depending on what you need to store. Get inspired at Real Simple.

4. Kitchen Cabinet Storage

If you need more room in your kitchen to store something like cutting boards, consider using some office supplies. A magazine holder works great as a cheap way to organize things using the cabinet door. One place to start: Universal Mesh Three-Tier Organizer for $13.50.

5. Shower Caddy Spice Rack

Spice racks take up a lot of counter space, but instead of storing them on the kitchen counter, buy a shower caddy and hang them from the inside of the pantry says House Beautiful. They’ll still be on display — just more tucked away. This over-the-showerhead caddy is $8.98.

6. Under The Sink Storage

Everything you keep under the kitchen sink can get pretty cluttered, but if you use a tension rod, you can hang our cleaning supplies and keep everything in order. This also frees up more space for more storage underneath the rod. This 7/16-inch Round Spring Tension Cafe Rod is $3.99

7. File Cabinet Garage Storage

Got a lot of clutter in your garage? Turn a file cabinet on its side and stick in all your large items. Paint the file cabinet to your liking, and you’ll have a much more organized and aesthetically-pleasing garage space.