Rocketship sprinkler will provide hours of backyard fun


While heading to a community beach or pool is one of the best ways to celebrate summer, chances are we’ll all find ourselves spending more time at home than in years past.

You could, of course, get your own pool — or opt for an alternative like a plunge pool or a stock tank pool if you’re short on space. But there’s an easier summer accessory that will keep the whole family cool all summer long: a gigantic sprinkler!

And this year, it doesn’t get much bigger than a brand new rocketship sprinkler just released by Funboy. Coming in at 7.5 feet tall and 66 inches in diameter, it has four nozzles and 360-degree water action spray. Priced at $69, it is for ages 3 and up, connects to a standard garden hose and inflates in minutes.


This looks like an amazingly fun way to beat the heat! And you’ll definitely want an air pump to fill it.

If rocketships aren’t your thing, have no fear — there are tons of other oversized sprinklers to choose from, including a giant rainbow sprinkler from Pottery Barn.

You can get this exciting product for $159. It measures 5 feet tall and 7.5 feet wide, so it’s big enough for the whole family to enjoy at the same time. It is available to ship or for curbside pick-up if you have a Pottery Barn near you.

Pottery Barn

Not into rainbows either? How about a 6.8-foot dinosaur sprinkler, also from Pottery Barn, or this 5-foot tall Corgi sprinkler that shoots water out of its tail? From BigMouth Inc., the Corgi yard sprinkler is on sale right now from Amazon for $53.99 (off a regular price of $59.99).


If you happen to own a trampoline, there’s even a sprinkler that attaches to the net on Amazon for $29.99, though it is currently out of stock until May 28. It works by spraying water from the net onto the trampoline. The company Jasonwell, which offers the product, says this lowers the temperature on the trampoline by up to 25 degrees.


Do you enjoy a run through the sprinkler to cool down in the summer or is lounging on a pool float more your idea of fun in the sun?

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