You can buy corn-on-the-cob holders that look like Mickey Mouse gloves


Corn on the cob is one of the most quintessential summer foods. No backyard barbeque would be complete without a platter of sweet, crisp corn on the cob, but forget those boring old cob holders. Now, you can buy Mickey Mouse cob holders that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

These official Disney Parks Mickey Mouse corn on the cob holders will make you feel like you’re in Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, even if you’re social distancing several states away. The cob holders are in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s iconic white gloves, so you can feel like Mickey or Minnie is personally protecting your hands from a buttery mess as you enjoy those sweet kernels.


Get a set of four pairs on Amazon for $25.

Corn holders are helpful for regular buttered corn on the cob, but if your go-to recipes are parmesan corn or Mexican street corn, then holders are downright essential. However, there are many fun ways to up your corn on the cob game.

Here’s an idea we wish we thought of before: Butter spreaders that will help all of your guests easily spread butter on their cob, whether they want to slather on a generous portion or keep it light. This genius device will take the guesswork away from the host, and allows guests to butter their own cob. It also works for biscuits, buns, you name it!


It’s on Amazon for $10.64

Or, consider a corn peeler, which easily strips corn away from the cob. For kids who can’t seem to hold onto their cob or would rather eat it with their fingers or spoon, this is a genius way to simplify parents’ lives so you aren’t shaving cobs at the table with a knife. Also, let’s face it: We have all been at a barbeque where someone ends up with corn in their teeth after enjoying a few cobs, so a device like this could save you the potential embarrassment of a corny smile.


The corn peeler is on Amazon for $10.

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