Buy mini Christmas lights for your beard

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Are the bearded ones in your life in need of a way to show off their holiday spirit? If so, the solution is clear. You can buy beard lights, beard ornaments, and beard glitter if you or someone you know has enough facial hair to rock the festive accessories this holiday season.

Right now, you can buy “Pimp My Beard” holiday lights from seller @ExactlyWhatINeededGB on Etsy. These are basically a tiny string of multicolored lights you can pin to your beard, or use to decorate whatever you like. Once available from the site Firebox, these will set you back $16.66.

Etsy | ExactlyWhatINeededGB

Beard ornaments are also a thing in case you’d rather not spend money on a tree and prefer to deck yourself out instead!

A company called Beardaments was featured on “Shark Tank” in 2019 for their unique holiday beard accessories, which start at $9.99 for a 12-piece variety set. There are light-up options, and hair ornaments for ladies’ tresses too.

If you prefer, you can purchase their products on Amazon as well.

Photo courtesy of Beardaments

You can also bedazzle your beard with glitter. In case you’re confused on how to apply the glitter to your facial hair, Beardaments has a how-to video showing how you start with beard oil and then apply the glitter. Just be careful how you kiss your honey under the mistletoe or you both may be sporting glitter.

Don’t have a beard, but want to get in on the fun? Instead of going for a Santa-white beard this year, check out the range of knitted “beards” you can find on Amazon. These usually attach to hats and keep your whole head warm. Fun and practical!

If you just want a Christmasy-smelling beard, try out some scented beard balms and oils. This St. Nicholas beard balm smells like orange, holiday spices and black spruce. The holiday beard kit from is scented with spruce and citrus notes. And you might get a lot of people sniffing around you if you sport this The Claus beard oil, made to smell like Christmas cookies.

So many festive options for facial hair! Which would you choose?