You Can Buy A Tank Or Airplane For Your Cat, Because Why Not?

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Cats love cardboard boxes. It doesn’t matter how big the box is, or what it used to hold, or where you put it. If you leave a cardboard box out, your cat will find a way to squeeze its furry butt into said box.

And since your cat will never quite love you as much as it loves the box your latest Amazon Prime purchase came in, you might as well have some fun (or at least some Instagram opps) with your cat’s obsession.

That’s where Suck UK comes in. They’re a company that has created cardboard boxes for your cat that are shaped like various vehicles and other objects. Always wondered if your cat was secretly set on world domination? Well, you can get it this tank so it can go about trying to start World War III.


There’s also a plane, in case your cat is more of an aerial fighter, or just wants to continue terrorizing the local bird population.


Or perhaps your cat is looking to launch a career as a DJ:


or even as a freelance writer:


These cardboard objects come with instructions and don’t require any glue or tape to assemble. Hey, maybe you can use them to recreate your favorite movie car chase scenes. And don’t worry, it folds away easily when you need to clean up your living room if you don’t want visitors to know you’re a crazy cat person.

The reviews are in, and cat people appear to be just as enthralled with the new toys as their cats are, if not more so. Like this person, who appears to have taken photos of their cat’s new tank from every possible angle:

Or this person, whose cat’s new car may actually be even nicer than their own:

Unfortunately, they may be too popular. At the moment, Amazon is sold out of many of the models, though you can still buy the $15 pink Catillac (Haha, get it? Cause it’s a Cadillac? But for a cat? OK, yeah, you get it).

But Christmas is coming up, so I would keep checking back in the hopes they restock soon. In the meantime, I would watch out for any hints your cat might be dropping that it really wants a tank or a car. Like if you see it doing this, for instance:

Because not just any cardboard box will do.

[h/t: Diply]