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Jazzercise Helped A Mom And Daughter Lose A Combined 184 Pounds

Way to go girls! Have you ever taken a Jazzercise class?

Losing weight is never easy, but having a workout buddy can be a big help, as this fit mom-and-daughter duo have proven by losing a combined 184 pounds together.

Jamie Allison and her daughter, Calista Jean Jones, took their first Jazzercise class in their hometown of Trussville, Alabama, in January 2016 and have stuck with it ever since.

“From that point on we were hooked,” Allison told Health. “Who doesn’t love to dance? For one hour, a stress-free, heart-pounding, fun, fat-burning dance mix that give [sic] you amazing health benefits and even muscles!”

Allison has been documenting their journey — from workouts to healthy meals — on Instagram. As you can see, the pair has undergone quite a transformation:

This hasn’t just been about weight loss, though. It’s been a bonding experience for them. Parenting is tough, Allison said, and it was difficult to watch her daughter struggle with her weight as a teen. Going to Jazzercise turned into something special they could do together.

“We are a team, helping each other, making good food choices and keeping each other on point,” Allison told Health. “Our bond is something special that I would never trade. I always wanted her to look up to me [and] now I feel like we both inspire each other.”

Jazzercise has been around since 1969, which is some serious longevity in the fitness world. When you think of Jazzercise, you might picture big 1980s hair and leg warmers.

But Jazzercise has made a comeback in recent years. Classes are even offered in New York City, where people certainly can choose from a wide variety of different fitness classes. A 2016 New York Times article featured one class that attracted women ranging in age from their 20s to 60s.

“It’s nonjudgmental; any age can do it,” instructor Janet Forward told the Times.

The mix of cardio and strength training includes dance, yoga and kickboxing moves, and the company claims Jazzercisers can burn 800 calories during an hour-long session.

But Allison isn’t just relying on her workouts to stay healthy. In addition to going to Jazzercise three or four times a week, she follows Weight Watchers. It makes sense: Research shows that paying attention to what you eat is an important factor in weight loss.

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Her motivation seems to be downright infectious, and if her photos are any indication, she appears to be inspiring other family members as well. Check out these photos of Allison and her husband!

What an inspiring family — keep up the great work!

Of course, Jazzercise isn’t the only workout that can aid in dramatic weight loss. A mom named Tessa lost 180 pounds — half her body weight — over the course of five years.

It's been 5 years now since I saw that photo on the left. The photo that made me cringe. The photo that finally made me decide a change needed to be made. It started out slow and I had lots of bumps in the road including two miscarriages. However, I kept pushing on and never gave up. And here we are five years later and I'm half the size I was in that photo on the left. This journey had a starting point, but there really is not ending point. This journey is for life. I make a decision everyday to life a healthy and active life. Some days are easier than others, but each day you have to try and that is all anyone can ask for. There will be bumps in the road and setbacks, but in the end that is what makes you stronger. Remember to celebrate the victories whether they big or small. I too, have to remind myself of these. We all are in this together and have the same struggles whether our story is on chapter 1 or 10! Keep fighting the fight my friends! You're worth it❤️ #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossstory #weightlosssupport #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #losingweight #motivation #inspiration #mondaymotivation #morningmotivation #lifelongjourney #lifestylechange #healthyandactive #activelife #fitmom #halfmysize

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She credits the app My Fitness Pal, which she uses to track what she eats. And she is also devoted to Zumba, a dance fitness routine that became popular in the 1990s.

“I fell in love with Zumba, which in turn made me love fitness in general,” she wrote on her Facebook page.