You Can Now Take A Fitness Class Where All You Do Is Nap


Everyone knows by now that sleep is a crucial part of being healthy. It’s basically the reset button for your body, helping keep your weight low, your memory sharp and a host of other important bodily functions running smoothly. But if sleep is so important, why does it seem that people around the world are getting less and less of it? Enter: Napercise, the “fitness” class where all you do is nap.

You can take Napercise at David Lloyd Clubs, a fitness studio chain in the UK. At David Lloyd, they’re testing out this Napercise class that they say is “designed to help busy people combat fatigue and tiredness.”

Right now, all of the classes offered on the website are fully booked, so clearly Napercise has struck a chord with our exhausted world. And honestly, it does sound pretty nice—the website says each class is 45 minutes long (the luxury!) and will help “reinvigorate the mind, the body and even burn the odd calorie.”

The class is mostly aimed towards sleep-deprived parents who are already back at work and in desperate need of a nap.

“The frantic nature of modern life means that few of us seem to get enough sleep, and if you’re a parent, a good night’s rest becomes even more of a luxury,” the class description reads. “So we’ve created a new group class—group napping classes for exhausted mums and dads to help boost their mental and physical wellbeing.”

And although this might sound ridiculous, a group fitness class that incorporates stretching and a total oasis of silence might honestly be a better alternative than your bedroom at home, which is full of distractions (and possibly children).

Plus, science says napping is very good for you. According to a study done in the Journal of Sleep Research, taking a nap can help improve your alertness and mental capacity. Clearly just one more reason to take a mid-afternoon snooze… but hopefully not under your desk. You can watch the video introduction to Napercise below:


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