Can you find the bee among the flowers?

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It’s summertime! The flowers are in full bloom. The bees are buzzing and doing their part to help bring more flowers to the world. And while you may not want to go out searching for bees in an actual meadow, puzzle maker Dudolf is giving fans a way to enjoy a leisurely stroll in nature with his newest mind-bending puzzle.

The popular picture puzzle maker has offered us a beautiful brainteaser that perfectly captures summer’s carefree days and brings us into a field of yellow flowers. Our job? Find the hidden bee among the blooms.

Dudolf, whose real name is Gergely Dudás, is a Hungarian artist with several books, including the “Fox & Rabbit” series, and other hidden object books.

Both Fox and Rabbit have made an appearance in today’s featured puzzle. Also popping up in the picture is a pair of penguins that showed up in one of Dudolf’s puzzles from the winter season. They’re keeping it cool with some ice cream cones.

If you’re struggling to find the little bee among the yellow flowers, we recommend going to Dudolf’s website to get the full-sized and high-resolution image and zoom in.

Want more puzzles to challenge yourself? How about a few more from his Facebook page to try?

We found another bee in the flowers puzzle in celebration of Easter earlier this year.

Or, maybe you can find the queen in this bevy of bees from an August 2022 brainteaser?

You can also pick up one of Dudás’ picture puzzle books on to add to your collection at home.

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