Find 5 differences in these cute fall-themed illustrations

Illustration of animals in a festive fall scene
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We’ve still got a few weeks until the winter solstice on Dec. 21, so take a moment to salute the passing season with this adorable, fall-themed, spot-the-differences puzzle by Dudolf.

But keep your peepers peeled, because this one is a doozy.

Don’t be fooled by the clutch of cute creatures. They’re full of secrets. Just look at the sweet little squirrel — he knows something, and he’s not telling.

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Take your time with this one. Get out a magnifying glass if you need it. A couple of the differences are fairly obvious, but others require a super-strong eye for detail.

Dudolf — aka Gergely Dudás — is a master of the seek-and-find puzzle. He’s published multiple books of drawings, some with a seasonal focus, and maintains a website for his latest puzzles and brain teasers.

If you’re stumped by the above autumnal scene, never fear. Dudolf posted a short making-of video about the drawing, and the five differences get revealed at the end.

Make sure you’re satisfied with your choices, then watch the solution below:

I only caught two differences. Dudolf is a tricky one!

With fall nostalgia completed, Christmas is up next. Naturally, Dudolf has a holiday seek-and-find ready to go.

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He’s not taking it easy on us, is he?

Like the fall puzzle, this one relies on tiny differences in each drawing. It’s worth spending some extra time with it — new details emerge the longer you look at it, which you can then compare between the two versions.

This wintry tableau would be a great one to explore on a lazy weekend or a day off. But when the need to know overpowers the desire to figure it out yourself, here’s the video solution:

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Happy holidays! And good luck looking!

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