Channel Your Inner Ariel With A Mermaid Fitness Class

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In case you hadn’t already heard: Mermaid Fitness classes are a thing. That’s right. Mermaid Fitness classes where the participants wear mermaid tails in a pool for exercise.

If you’ve ever longed to be Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” now’s your chance.

The Hotel del Coronado in San Diego is the latest to offer the fitness class, which it describes as a “45-minute fusion of swimming, core, cardio and strength training set to upbeat music.” The cost is $20 and includes the use of a Del mermaid tail. Swimming is already a great form of exercise, and the added challenge of doing it with a tail really kicks it up a notch.

Some amazing junior mermaids trying out our MerKids class today! #mermaidfitness #merkids #neverforgetyoursparkle

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Want to try this fitness trend yourself without making the journey to San Diego? A college in Michigan offers a similar class, and a hotel in Hawaii has been offering a mermaid “Fin to Fitness” class for several years—or you could buy your own tail (Amazon has some for $59.99-89.99) and dive into the cool blue water nearest you.