Cheat Sheet: 9 People You May Not Be Tipping But Should Be

When it comes to tipping, the process may not always seem straightforward. However, there is actually a simple solution to all of your tipping questions: tip those who provide you with a service.

No matter if it’s big or small, those who help you in a professional environment deserved to be tipped. While it may seem like a small common courtesy, often times these employees financially rely on your patronage.

Your few dollars for their service could mean the difference between paying a bill or buying dinner that evening. Your small tip can do wonders for that individual. If you’re wondering about who should should be tipping, here are nine professionals that always deserve a bit extra for their service.

1. Salon Assistants

If someone besides your stylist touches your hair, you should probably tip them. For instance, salon assistants such as the receptionist or shampoo team are often paid close to minimum wage, and are responsible for the upkeep of the salon.

If they offer you a personal service such as shampooing your hair or booking your next appointment, you could leave a tip.

Tip Amount: $3-5

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2. Hotel Concierge

While their job is to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, they are also doing you a tremendous service. Leave behind a small tip to show your gratitude.

Tip Amount: $5-$10 (for minor tasks) & $15-$30 (for luxury requests)

3. Pool Attendants

If you rented a towel, pool float, or ordered a drink from a pool attendant, you should probably tip them. While they are in-charge of maintaining the pool area, it is still very polite of them to offer you service with a smile.

Tip Amount: $1 per service

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4. Parking Lot Attendants At Home Improvement Stores

If someone helped you with your items or brought a heavy stack of wood to your car, then you should offer to tip them. Often times these attendants are overlooked as a “service.” Show your thanks buy offering a small tip.

Tip Amount: $5-$10

5. Roadside Assistance

While you may be paying for the roadside assistance, often times your money doesn’t go directly to the individual that is helping you.

If that person helped you change a flat tire or tow your car, then they have done you a service, and therefore, deserve to be tipped accordingly.

Tip Amount: $5-$10 depending on service

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6. Car Wash Employees

While many car washes are automated, there are still some that rely on employees to get the job done. Even if it’s as simple as spraying down your car, please be sure to tip the workers for their service.

Tip Amount: $2-$3

7. Hotel Housekeeping

When you think about it, cleaning an entire hotel is a very hard job. They change your sheets, wipe down the counters, and bring your hotel room back to order. Most of us don’t even do that on a daily basis in our own homes!

Tip Amount: $2-$5 per night

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8. Furniture Deliverers

Moving couches, chairs and dining room tables is no easy task. Show how much you appreciate your moving staff by offering to tip them an appropriate fee.

Tip Amount: $5-$10 per mover

9.  Tour Guides

Often times, tour guides are paid a startling low wage for their services. After a full day of showing tourists a city’s history, culture, and popular sights, these charismatic individuals deserve a little extra.

Tip Amount: 10% – 20% cost of tour

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