The lunch menu at Prince George’s school is just as extravagant as you’d expect

Prince George Attends Thomas's Battersea On His First Day At School
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Prince George may not be all grown up just yet, but his school’s lunch menu might say otherwise.

The 4-year-old must have an impeccable palate because George’s school, Thomas’s Battersea, is serving up quite the sophisticated feast—on a daily basis.

The prince started preschool last year, but now, he’s moved on to preparatory school where they serve the most extravagant menu you’ll ever see—especially in a school setting.

According to the school’s website, a well-balanced diet is important for children, both inside and outside of the classroom.

“With enthusiasm and imagination, the chefs at Thomas’s tackle the difficult subject of how to improve the children’s nutritional intake at lunchtime and the results are evident in the menu cycles that we produce,” the website states. And they aren’t joking around.

The school reportedly charges more than $22,000 per year in tuition and is located just across the River Thames from the royal family’s home in Kensington Palace. Prince George was accompanied to his first day of school earlier this month by his father, Prince William. His mom, Kate Middleton, is pregnant with the couple’s third child and has been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness.

Prince George Thomas Battersea photo
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The sample menus available on the site are from 2015, but we’d be willing to bet that, if anything, the menus have only gotten fancier since the young prince enrolled.

Based on the sample menu, students are served a mid-morning snack and lunch includes soup, bread, a main course and last, but certainly not least, dessert.

The little munchkins will be munching on the finest food available, including lamb ragout, fresh baked mozzarella, basil and tomato paninis, and even vegetarian options including freshly prepared tomato and avocado bruschetta, just to name a few options.

Prince George Thomas Battersea photo
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As for dessert, there’s oven-baked oatmeal and raisin cookie served with a banana milkshake, steamed jam and coconut sponge with organic custard, and freshly baked Portuguese egg custard tart with strawberries served throughout the week.

Thomas's Battersea

Aside from eating well, Prince George is also likely getting along with his classmates, as the school promotes fairness and doesn’t even allow students to have a singular “best friend.”

Prince George Thomas Battersea photo
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Prince George’s pals will also have a “friendly” way of referring to him. He’s reportedly going by George Cambridge at school as opposed to something along the lines of “His Royal Highness,” which will definitely help him keep more of a low profile.

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According to the school’s principal, “We are going to try and make this a really happy, safe and secure time.”

And at the very least—we know George will be eating like the prince he is.

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