Cheerios Is Launching A Limited Edition Peach-Flavored Cereal

Just in time for spring, Cheerios is launching a fruity cereal that will remind us all of warmer days. Peach Cheerios are coming to grocery stores nationwide for a limited time, and you’ll want to get a box or two in your cart while you have the chance!

According to the Cheerios website, this cereal is made with real peach puree and has no artificial flavors or coloring. It’s packed with all of the goodness you typically love about Cheerios, including 16 grams of whole grains per serving and 110 calories per serving. And yes, they’re also gluten-free!

Cheerios tweeted the announcement in February, letting all cereal lovers know that the limited edition flavor will hit grocery store shelves in March:

Some people have already been able to get their hands on Peach Cheerios, and based on the reviews, they’re loving this peach-flavored goodness.

According to the Junk Banter Instagram, which reviews new and rare junk food, “this is refreshing not only in taste, but refreshing as a relatively untapped option in the cereal game. I will also say this: Cheerios, in general, are one of the best brands for limited edition breakfast.”

This certainly isn’t the first time General Mills, which makes the cereal, has come out with limited edition Cheerios flavors: In the fall, they debuted Banana Nut Cheerios, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, and Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. Last year, the company debuted limited edition Strawberry Cheerios as well.

The Cereal Time TV YouTube channel did a formal review of the peach-y cereal, and enjoyed the subtle nature of the fruity flavoring:

General Mills hasn’t officially announced how long these Peach Cheerios will be available, but according to PureWow, you can expect to see them in stores throughout the spring months.

So make sure this special cereal makes its way into your pantry before they’re gone! Because, seriously, peach cereal is too good to miss out on.