Gluten-Free Cheerios Recalled When It Was Found They Contain Gluten

Uh oh. General Mills Inc. is recalling some 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios after it was found that wheat flour was accidentally added to some of the gluten-free batches in its Lodi, California plant.

For those looking to lose weight by consuming less gluten, you should be fine. But for some 20 million Americans with a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, if you have a box of Cheerios in your cabinet, check the “better by” dates. These dates include:

For regular Cheerios, your box is recalled if the “Better if used by dates” range from July 14th, 2016 and July 17th, 2016.

For Honey Nut Cheerios, your box is recalled if the “Better if used by dates” range from July 12th, 2016 to July 25th, 2016.

You can also check the plant codes on your boxes. The voluntary recall includes boxes with the following codes:

Honey Nut Cheerios Honey Nut Cheerios Honey Nut Cheerios  Yellow Box Cheerios

Source: General Mills

In a statement from Jim Murphy, the senior vice president and president of the Cereal division, he writes:

We sincerely apologize to the gluten-free community and to anyone who may have been impacted. We care deeply about making safe, nutritious, gluten free products more widely available, and we’ve worked very hard to ensure our products are gluten free. Today we must acknowledge that we failed to meet that commitment for a time, and we’re recalling all affected products as a result. – See more at:

The General Mills press release further states that its other Cheerios varieties, including MultiGrain, Frosted, and Apple Cinnamon Cheerios were not impacted.

Consumers requesting refunds or calling with further questions can contact General Mills Consumer Services at 1-800-775-8370.

[h/t: WSJ]

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