This Woman Created The Most Impressive Cheese Plate Using Only Airplane Snacks

When cheese-plating (yes, that’s a verb!) isn’t just your hobby, it’s your obsession, you find a way to create the perfect cheese plate any and every chance you get. That’s precisely how Marissa Mullen, “cheese plate influencer” and the mastermind behind the That Cheese Plate social media accounts, learned that her overnight Jet Blue flight was a moment for optimal snacking.

You can’t necessarily order your dream artisanal cheese plate while on-board a flight, but Mullen didn’t let that stop her! By combining several snack boxes and a glass of the red wine, she was able to assemble a cheese plate worthy of awe, all from her aisle seat.

Thankfully for those of us who consider ourselves far from in-flight cheese plate savants, Mullen documented her entire experience on Twitter so that everyone can get the hang of what it’s like to take a red eye, the classy way.

She started by gauging interest. Was there anyone who wanted to see her expertly craft a cheese plate while on a plane? Umm, yes please! The tweet reveals that she combined the “Savor Up” box with the “Party Up” box:

And she started to make some magic:

Flight attendant Shayla came in a key moment to help with the “salami river”:

The end result is nothing short of amazing:

All this, and it only cost $26 to make, she confirmed in a tweet:

Cheers to that in-flight meal!:

People were blown away by her talents.

Twitter user @ChefErikaS wrote “This. Is. Beautiful.”:

Another called the cheese plate “true inspiration,” and they’re certainly not wrong about that:

Even Jet Blue couldn’t help but notice the expert in their midst.

“This is what happens when you combine 1 artsy customer & 1 very accommodating crewmember,” the airline tweeted.

All in all, her cheese plate consisted of various cheeses, olives, salami, pita chips, bean dip and hummus. Yum!

If you’re blown away by what Mullen can do in-air, you should see her cheese boarding skills when she’s on land! You can find plenty of inspiration on her social media channels and even get step-by-step instructions through her Instagram accounts Cheese by Numbers (like “paint by numbers”) and That Cheese Plate.

You’ll find recipes such as the perfect cheese plate for Netflix and chilling, which calls for popcorn, dark chocolate-covered almonds, cheddar cheese and more:

That Cheese Plate

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to up your date night cheese-plating skills. Whether you’ll be at home or 30,000 feet up in the air, may your cheese-eating be better than ever before!

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