Chili’s is selling to-go margaritas by the gallon

Chili's restaurant sign in Las Vegas

One of my favorite things to do is go out with friends and enjoy some margaritas. With the pandemic helped me to improve my home bartending skills, sometimes you simply want someone else to make you a drink. Many restaurants have been offering to-go cocktails for a while now, but Chili’s has announced something even better: gallon margaritas to-go!

Made with tequila and Chili’s house-made mix, the new gallon-sized margaritas were initially created in March, in celebration of Chili’s birthday. But they’re sticking around long after the celebration has ended, because they are now on the permanent menu!


Chili’s gallon jug of margaritas is priced at $40. All you need is some margarita glasses and some salt for the rim and you’re good to go!

The gallon margaritas are not being offered at every restaurant, so you will want to check your local Chili’s to make sure you can order one (or two) there.

Of course, if you’re up for it, you can always make your own gallon-sized margarita. This recipe from bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler calls for 6 cups of tequila and 2.5 cups of triple sec. You’ll also need lime juice, lemon juice and simple syrup.

If you don’t like lemon-lime flavors, Tipsy Bartender has a recipe that calls for a little less alcohol, plus sweet and sour mix, orange juice and passion fruit juice. It also calls for real fruit like strawberries and limes.

If you’re not up for that much margarita, mixing up a single margarita at home is simple — and you can choose pretty much any flavor your want.

This recipe for frozen kiwi margaritas is the perfect summer treat, or if you want to take the advice of professionals, Texas Roadhouse has revealed the recipe for their hurricane margarita. Even Jimmy Buffett has shared his margarita recipe, which calls for gold and silver tequila, triple sec and orange curaçao.


Do margaritas top your list of favorite cocktails?


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