15 things you never knew about Chip and Joanna Gaines’ kids

Chip and Joanna Gaines were already flipping houses when they wed in 2003, but they took on what they view as their most important role two years later when their first child was born. Now married for 14 years, the famous “Fixer Upper” couple has four children (with a fifth not out of the question), who are reportedly a major factor in the parents’ decision to step out of the spotlight. In September, they announced that season five of “Fixer Upper” will be their last.


Chip and Joanna reportedly plan to focus on their kids and allow them to enjoy their childhood. As significant as they are to their parents’ career choices, the Gaines children have largely been shielded from the public eye.

However, the proud mom and dad have been known to share tidbits about their offspring that fans of the Waco, Texas, family will find delightful. Check out this fun collection of little-known facts about Drake, Ella, Duke and Emmie Gaines.


1. They Are Unique Individuals

Both Chip and Joanna have commented on their children’s unique talents and passions.


2. Drake Is An Athlete

Although the entire family are sports fans, Joanna says her eldest son especially loves anything athletic.


3. Ella Is An Intellectual

Her mom calls Ella “my little intellectual,” which explains this intricate schedule she created to track the eggs from the family’s farm.


4. Duke Is Adventerous

The boy fishes with his bare hands. ‘Nuff said.


5. Emmie Is A Joker

Joanna has said that little Emmie has her dad’s sense of humor.


6. They’re Outdoor Kids

Joanna says the children love playing outside. They must have a ton of fun on the family’s picturesque farm.


7. They Don’t Watch TV

Perhaps the fact that there’s no television in the Gaines home explains, in part, why the kids delight in so much free play (and why they don’t realize how famous they really are).


8. Ella And Emmie Are Girlie Girls

Ella and Emmie frequently wear dresses and even what their mom calls princess-style camo.


9. The Girls Aren’t Afraid Of Dirt

As feminine as they are, a little mud does not scare the Gaines girls.


10. They Play Hard

All four of the children have a blast riding their dirt bikes and ATVs.


11. They’re Budding Entrepreneurs

Like their parents, the kids relish the challenges of starting their own businesses. It looks like they have quite the juice operation in the works!


12. They Are Close-Knit

The Gaines kids are a close-knit bunch. The boys share a room with custom bunk beds and a basketball hoop.


13. The Girls Are Two Peas In A Pod

Ella and Emmie enjoy a close bond, as well. Just look at these cuties swinging together in their matching dresses.


14. The Kids Inherited Their Parents Fun-Loving Nature

The apples didn’t fall very far from the tree. Here’s a cute snap of all four children goofing around with Dad.


15. They Can Often Be Found On Set

They may not spend much time in front of cameras, but the Gaines children love spending time with their mom and dad, and can often be found on the set of “Fixer Upper”—safely out of the frame.



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