Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts Make For An Excellent Halloween Prank

chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts

Halloween is meant to be about “toil and trouble,” but it can often feel like there is more emphasis on the “treats” than the “tricks.” This year, though, some trouble-making folks online have set out to change all of that. Instead of getting candy bars at one Twitter user’s door, unsuspecting trick-or-treaters will receive chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts instead.

Honestly, this harmless prank is sure to be a funny one—especially for the parents! Who knew wrapping veggies in chocolate would be a great way to get kids to eat them?! Well, at least take a bite of them.

Whether the man who posted this idea on Twitter actually follows through with this prank or not, we thought it was a great idea to mix things up this Halloween.

Other Twitter users responded in kind at the harmless prank:

Others are laughing just thinking of the poor neighborhood kids who will ring his doorbell:

However, there are some people who think this would be a mean trick to play. But it’s all in good fun, right?

In fact, some trick-or-treaters don’t mind taking healthy items over candy, apparently:

The man who posted the prank on Twitter admitted the idea isn’t originally his own. But if he does recreate this for himself, he indicated that he’s going with Lindt’s spiced chili chocolate for an extra kick!

Others even suggested disguising them sneakily as Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Very tricky indeed!

There are actually videos of other Halloween pranksters who’ve gone the chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts route. This YouTube video of a little kid’s reaction to eating one will show you exactly why people find this so comical:

Pretty funny, huh? You never know what you’ll get when you trick-or-treat on Halloween and that’s what makes this holiday so intriguing.

[H/t The Kitchn]

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