You could get hired to taste chocolate for Cadbury

You know the saying “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?” Well, we think we may have found the perfect job to fit these words of wisdom: professional chocolate taster. Though the position may sound too good to be true, it actually exists — and Cadbury is hiring!

Mondelēz International, the company which owns popular brands such as Cadbury and Oreo, posted a job listing outlining the responsibilities of the job. According to the listing, Cadbury is looking for four people to join its tasting team.

cadbury photo
Getty Images | Matt Cardy

The taste testers hired will help the company “perfect and launch an entirely new product all over the world by tasting and providing feedback just like our consumers.” But do you have to be a chocolate expert to apply? No! The company provides full training to help qualified candidates develop their taste buds and learn the necessary terminology to share with the product team.

So, what does the right candidate need to have to be considered for the job? Cadbury listed a few qualities and traits that it’s looking for, including:

  • A passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection
  • Honesty when it comes to giving opinions
  • Eager to try new inventive products
  • A communicative personality to build great relationships with your panel
  • A firm grasp of the English language

In other words, the more opinionated you are about your chocolate, the better!

One word of warning: People with allergies might not be the best candidates. According to the job post, those hired to fill the positions will have to test products that contain gluten, nuts and dairy.

cadbury photo
Getty Images | Matt Cardy

Worried about getting sick of chocolate by eating it all day long? This chocolate taster position is only a part-time job. Testers meet for seven-and-a-half hours to eight hours per week.

What about compensation (beyond large quantities of chocolate?) This position pays $14.32 an hour for up to eight hours a week of work. Not bad for eating chocolate all day and talking about it!

Ah, but there’s always a catch! The position is located in the United Kingdom, so you might need to relocate for the job. But we kind of think that moving to another country to taste chocolate and get paid might be worth it.

cadbury photo
Getty Images | Matt Cardy

To apply, visit the career page on Cadbury’s site by March 8. Good luck to all those hopeful applicants out there!