This cute Christmas ornament is perfect for Amazon shopping fanatics

Christmas ornaments with miniature Amazon boxes inside clear globe
Etsy | MagnoliaAndTree

Do you thrill at the sight of boxes and white padded envelopes with blue lettering, stacked up on your front porch? Are brown cardboard packages, tied up in Amazon Prime tape, a few of your favorite things? Well, the holidays just got a little happier for you and your Amazon-loving friends, because there’s a Christmas ornament that’s just for you.

Interestingly, though, you won’t be ordering this particular ornament on Amazon! Available from Etsy shop MagnoliaAndTree for $22.49, the ornaments are clear plastic globes containing miniature versions of Amazon packages — complete with Prime tape, delivery labels and bar codes.

The tiny details are impressively realistic, and you can choose to have the packages set upon a bed of faux snow or snowy white styrofoam pieces (or choose to just include the packages — sans the inclement weather).

Etsy Christmas ornament with miniature Amazon boxes inside clear globe
Etsy | MagnoliaAndTree

Of course, there are many other holiday gift options available on Etsy that celebrate the joy of Amazon deliveries. If your holiday season is powered by both Starbucks coffee and Amazon orders, this ornament from DayDreaminbyMelissa would be right up your alley.

The clear globe includes Amazon packages and “snow,” like the other Amazon packages ornament, but this one also features a tiny Starbucks cup perched among the stack of boxes. Aww!

Etsy | DaydreaminbyMelissa

This ornament is regularly $19 but is currently on sale for $15.20.

Over the past couple of years, online retailers have become the go-to shopping method for many of us, as we’ve spent more time at home during the pandemic. So, there is a certain affection and excitement we feel when we spot a package at our door that sports the now-iconic arrow-smile logo of Amazon.

If you feel a song in your heart anytime you even glimpse an Amazon truck coming down the street, there are some Christmas ornaments that celebrate that particular delight, too.

Check out this sweet little ornament printed with the words “Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right down my driveway.” On the inside, you’ll find more tiny Amazon packages waiting in the “snow” to fill your heart with glee.

Etsy | GeckoGalGifts

This one is $11 from Etsy seller GeckoGalGifts.

Do you know any Amazon megafans who would love these Christmas ornaments?

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