Coca-Cola with Coffee is now in grocery stores nationwide

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While I love all kinds of coffee — hot, iced, frozen, you name it — some days, it’s simply not enough to really get my day going.

While I can’t say I’m opposed to multiple coffees a day, there’s now a new drink that will give you an extra buzz without having to make a second cup of java: Coca-Cola with Coffee!

Officially in stores nationwide, Coca-Cola with Coffee has the taste of classic Coca-Cola that’s infused with a rich coffee flavor. It packs 69 milligrams of caffeine into a 12-ounce can, which is less than what you can expect from an 8-ounce cup of coffee but more than double the 34 milligrams of caffeine in a can of regular Coca-Cola.

Two flavors of the new cola, Dark Blend and Vanilla, are available in individual 12-ounce cans and 4-packs, while the Caramel flavor is only offered in individual cans. You can also find a sugar-free option in Dark Blend and Vanilla.


If this blend sounds familiar, you might have seen it on sale during an overseas vacation. Similar products from the soda giant have already been available in international markets for some time, including in Australia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Poland and Japan, where it’s called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus.

That popular option wasn’t the first time Coca-Cola has ventured into the coffee world. Some may remember Coca-Cola BlāK, which was discontinued in 2008 after just two years. (Thanks to the internet, though, you can make a version of it yourself.)

If you’d still rather make it yourself anyway, Coca-Cola has a coffee granita recipe that sounds pretty similar to the new product, though this one is frozen. All you need is brewed coffee, sugar, Coca-Cola and a vanilla bean.

Other brands of coffee you can take on-the-go include Koia Coffee, which is Keto-friendly and has the added benefit of protein. There is also High Brew canned coffee, which is sold in grocery stores nationwide and has dozens of flavors, some with added protein. They even have a triple shot espresso that has three times the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee.

Grady’s has entire cold brew kits that make 36 cups of cold brew coffee so you can really stay stocked up. All you do is add water to the bags and it stores right in your fridge with a spout for easy access. You can find some of their products at stores like Target and Whole Foods or order online from Walmart or Amazon.


Good luck getting to sleep tonight after reading this story!

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