Coke is adding a mocha flavor to its Coca-Cola with Coffee line

Coke with coffee mocha flavor in red cans

Following the launch of Coca-Cola with Coffee in 2021, the soda brand is adding a fourth flavor to its java-infused cola collection.

A Coca-Cola representative tells Simplemost you will be able to find mocha-flavored Coca-Cola with Coffee alongside the already available options: Dark Blend, Vanilla, Vanilla Zero Sugar and Caramel nationwide beginning in February. This latest option adds chocolate notes to your carbonated pick-me-up.

Each can of Mocha Coca-Cola with Coffee packs 69 milligrams of caffeine into 12 ounces, which is more than double the 34 milligrams of caffeine in a can of regular Coca-Cola.


While Coca-Cola with Coffee is still fairly new in the U.S., similar products from the soda giant have been available in international markets for some time, including in Australia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Poland and Japan, where the drink is called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus.

It’s also not the first time Coca-Cola has ventured into the coffee world. The soda giant also once had Coca-Cola BlāK, which was discontinued in 2008 after just two years. (Thanks to the internet, though, you can make a copycat version of it yourself.)

There’s a chance you’ve also had Pepsi’s coffee flavor, called Pepsi Café, which hit stores in 2020. Available in two flavors, original and vanilla, Pepsi Café has nearly double the amount of caffeine of a regular can of Pepsi.

You can also make a similar drink directly from Coca-Cola if you’re still up for DIYing your caffeine. This coffee granita recipe is quite similar to Coca-Cola with Coffee, but it’s frozen. All you need is brewed coffee, sugar, some Coke and vanilla bean.


For a different take on soda, Bud Light’s newest hard seltzer flavor is inspired by classic soda flavors. The brewer’s new Hard Soda seltzers come in Classic Cola, Cherry Cola, Orange Soda and Citrus Soda varieties. Each flavor has zero sugar, 5% alcohol by volume and 100 calories per can.

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