Colonial Williamsburg Is Inviting Brave Guests To Sleep In Its Haunted Houses This Halloween

Now that it’s October and Halloween is just a few weeks away, it’s time to take advantage of all the fun pumpkin patches, parties and haunted houses that are in full swing this month. And, for the first time ever, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can go spend the night in one of the haunted houses of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

Yep, you can stay in a potentially haunted home from colonial times. Visitors can stay in these colonial homes (and reconstructions) throughout the year, but for the first time, during this year’s Halloween season, will each participating home’s “haunted history” be provided to guests.

Past Williamsburg visitors claim to have seen and heard paranormal activity—not just feeling cold spots, but also seeing images and hearing voices. (I don’t know about you, but I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.)

For instance, guests who stay at the Orrell House (below) often relay tales of unusual activity, like faucets running on their own, or furniture that’s rearranged or turned upside down.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Similarly, “The Market Square Tavern,” pictured below, states “The Best Accommodations” on its sign out front has its own haunted history. (We wonder if that means with or without the ghosts.)

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Even the architecture looks spooky, right?!

There’s even a Williamsburg Paranormal Investigations Facebook page where people can talk about paranormal activity they experience in Williamsburg. Creepy!

But back to the haunted houses, so to speak.

The Haunting Package includes the chance to stay in a Haunted Colonial House or, for a less spooky experience, nightly accommodations at the Williamsburg Woodlands,” states the company’s website, plus “all-access passes to Haunting on DoG Street: Blackbeard’s Revenge [which includes trick or treating for young kids and a haunted house for those 13 and older].”

Whether you buy into the idea that paranormal activity happens in Williamsburg or elsewhere, we can’t help but think that centuries-old community will be the most spook-tacular place to be this Halloween season. The website advises you “act fast” to reserve the limited number of rooms and homes available. Reservations begin at $216 per night based on double occupancy.