You Can Now Buy A One-Year Stockpile Of Emergency Food At Costco For $1,000

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With the tragic news of shootings, earthquakes and hurricanes, plenty of people seem ready to crawl into their bunkers now. But before heading into total emergency mode, you’ve got to make sure you’re prepared. One big box store is here to help: it’s been reported that  Costco is selling a $1,000 emergency food kit. You know, just in case you ever need it.

Just what do you get in your Costco emergency food kit? Cans of instant milk, bags of sugar, freeze-dried fruits and veggies, cans of beans, boxes of instant white rice, bags of granola, salt, and TVP (textured vegetable protein), according to the Costco website.

The emergency food kit contains 96 cans and 6,200 servings of 1,200-calorie meals, which promises to get you through one entire year. Items in the kit have a shelf life of 25 years.


People may be thinking about stockpiling food due to recent events, but Costco has actually sold this emergency food kit for awhile: Reviews on this product date back to two years ago.

Costco is well-known as a place to buy in bulk, whether for emergency preparedness or not. However, it isn’t the only place you can purchase an emergency food supply for long periods of time. Amazon and Walmart also offer options for emergency food kits. Some supplies last for one month, such as this one from Walmart, and others can feed you all the way up to an entire year.

A one-year kit from Valley Food Storage is slightly less expensive than the Costco option. This version retails for $975.61 on Amazon and offers a wider range of menu options, like soups, porridges and chilis.


According to a product review on Amazon:

“There is an amazing and varied menu here. For breakfast you have three different choices between oatmeal, multi grain cereal and cream of wheat. Lunch and dinner menu can be switched around and includes Lasagna, Pasta Primavera, Classic Chili, Enchilada beans and rice and Sweet n sour rice with vegetables and pineapple.”

Assuming you’ve got the means to prepare something like this in the emergency scenario, the Valley Forge Storage options actually sounds delicious! Of course, there are also freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in the mix in case you’re not able to prepare the other somewhat elaborate meals.

Based on some reviews online, Valley Food Storage seems to have really created freeze dried options that taste good.

Of course, there is always the option to build your own emergency supply kit instead of purchasing one online.

If you’re interested in going that route, you can find tutorials on how to create your own online, including this one starring Jamie Lee Curtis:

Hopefully, no one is really moving into a bunker with a year-long supply of food. However, given the frequency of natural disasters recently, we all could use a reminder that emergency preparedness is important.