See How The Wealthy Are Preparing For Doomsday Inside This Luxury Bunker

The underground complex has its own grocery store, cinema and indoor swimming pool.

If you knew the world was about to end, where would you go? I’m guessing Kansas isn’t the answer. But it probably should be.

Down a long dirt road in the middle of Glasco, Kansas — which has an official population of 473 and is about a two-hour drive from both Wichita and Topeka) — stands a bunker that can survive a nuclear bomb, earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack and even a pandemic. It’s called Survival Condo.

survival condo
Survival Condo

Preparing For Armageddon

In the late 1960s, it was a missile silo. But as modern technology quickly progressed, the old silo was forgotten about. However, 10 years ago, Larry Hall purchased the bunker. He decided to build a luxury survival complex for the wealthy if Armageddon were ever to happen.

The bunker sits 201 feet below ground. It takes less than 30 seconds to go from the top floor to the bottom. Each condominium costs $3 million. The complex includes plenty of amenities. It has an indoor pool, dog park, spa, gym, cinema, grocery store, a hospital and a hydroponics room, which allows the complex to be self-sustaining.

survival condo

Survival Condo is also self-sustaining when it comes to power. They have batteries that last for 15 years, wind turbines and two generators to keep the entire complex up and running.

survival condo
survival condo

Hall says that even if the world never comes to an end, residents who own a Survival Condo can still use the underground bunker as a vacation destination.

The penthouse condo looks like a typical luxury resort or home you’d find above ground. All of the amenities you need and the comfort you want.

survival condo
Survival Condo

You can even have a full, luxury kitchen at your disposal in this survival condo.

Survival Condo

Other Bunkers On The Market

Survival Condo is not the only high-end bunker complex out there.

The Vivos Shelter Network builds and manages luxury bunkers around the world. Take a peek inside the concept for one such bunker in the company’s video below:

Rising S Company also installs steel bunkers equipped to hold a year’s worth of food and withstand earthquakes. While the company’s interiors don’t look quite as high-end as Survival Condo, the general manager told CNN that bunker sales jumped 700 percent between 2015 and 2016.

What do you think: If money were no object, would you buy a survival bunker?

Written by Annie Taylor for KSHB.

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