This couple blew their friends and family away with this surprising gender reveal

Dramatic gender reveals have become the trend du jour when couples are expecting a new baby. There are all kinds of cute ways to let friends and family know whether a baby girl or baby boy will be joining the family.

Some people plan huge parties for the occasion, replete with pink and blue everything, while others simply share the news via clever social media posts announcing “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy.”

It’s always an exciting day when a gender reveal is planned, but one couple, Sam and Jess, shocked their loved ones with a little extra surprise at their gender reveal party. You can see how they revealed this special news in the video below.


The couple starts off by thanking everyone attending, and then the mom-to-be explains that while on a trip to Florence, Italy, they ended up at Il Porcellino, a statue of a pig that is said to give people good luck when they place a coin in its mouth and make a wish.

There, she says, the couple both wished for a baby.

il porcellino photo
Flickr | Tirch

After sharing this story, they then open an oversized present, and several pink balloons pop out, indicating that they’re expecting a girl.

That’s when things get interesting.

“The really crazy thing is that wasn’t the only wish that we made,” Jess says.

She goes on the explain that they also made a wish for a baby at another fabled spot—this time the Western Wall in Israel.

western wall israel photo
Flickr | Peter Tkac

They then take out another, smaller box, with a tag that says “Baby B” on it, leading to excited declarations from the crowd that they must be having twins. Out flies another set of pink balloons, indicating that baby No. 2 is also a girl.


But they’re not done yet. Jess then lets everyone know that they made one final wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

trevi fountain photo
Flickr | Bradley N. Weber

By this time, you might be able to guess what happened next. They open a third and final box, and two more pink balloons emerge.

Finally, the news is out. The couple is expecting triplets, and they’re all girls! The partygoers seem absolutely shocked and overjoyed.


Even crazier, it turns out, two of the babies are identical twins and one is fraternal—so the couple knew going in that two babies would be the same gender.

Check out the fun way they let everyone in attendance know that they were expecting not one, not two, but three babies:

What a cute way to share their big news! Congratulations to the entire family!

Since they shared the news of their pregnancy, Jess and Sam welcomed all three baby girls into the world. The triplets were born on March 28, according to their Instagram account, @OurWishfulTrio (great name, huh?).

They all weighed a little more than three pounds each, so they are in the NICU while they put on some weight. Mom is healthy!

See the first pictures of this adorable bunch below:


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