Crocs makes high-heeled shoes and people have a lot of feelings

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Since you’re likely in full Christmas list-making mode, we just wanted to take the time to remind you that high-heeled Crocs exist. Whether you’re purchasing this as a serious gift, a funny White Elephant present or as a total goof for a friend, let it be known — the Cyprus V. Heel is in stock online once more.

Despite the fact that these shoes launched in 2015, they oddly began to take the internet by storm in July of this past year, according to The Washington Post. At the time, the shoe was reportedly sold out online, but now, thanks to Amazon, these shoes are available for purchase once again.

Behold, the heel that nearly broke the internet:


A pair will cost you anywhere from $89–$118.25.

As you can imagine, people had lots of opinions about these shoes once they resurfaced a few months ago and, naturally, they took to Twitter to share them. Twitter user @macguy9 views these shoes as “evidence that our civilization is in the stages of collapse.” Ouch!

Some admit they might buy them as part of a Halloween look, though. Twitter user @ya_girl_cal says her friends know they’d be perfect to complete her costume:

Meanwhile, there are some celebrities — yes celebrities — who have admitted to buying these in the past. Kirstie Alley, for one, is guilty as charged!

Some are conflicted. They find them to be “so ugly” and yet, they “want them,” as Twitter user @ZiddiDesai points out:

And while this footwear may or may not be the kind of thing you’re into, you’ve got to admit that the thought of a comfortable heel doesn’t sound bad.

Crocs became famously popular for their clog shoes in the early 2000s and then famously unpopular for their clog shoes in later years and, due to that fact, analysts don’t see the overall negative response to these heels as such a bad thing.

Alexis DeSalva, senior research analyst for retail and e-commerce at Mintel, told The Washington Post, “I know the bottom line is that Crocs is literally being mentioned across all media channels, and I think that that’s something that maybe hasn’t happened for them in awhile.”

Except for the time when the high-fashion scene tried to make these shoes popular once again, of course. Remember when Balenciaga debuted platform crocs on the runway? Let this Instagram post from Crocs serve as a reminder:

Whether you’re actually (somewhat secretly) excited about wearing high-heeled Crocs or you just want to have a laugh with a friend — strike while the iron is hot. There’s no telling how long these may or may not be in stock!

And if you’re interested, Crocs actually has a whole range of shoe styles you wouldn’t necessarily know were Crocs. We… sort of dig this pair posted by the Crocs Singapore account?

You can shop those on the Crocs website. Your secret’s safe with us.