People Are Putting Shaving Cream In Their Crocs And The Videos Are Very Satisfying

We humans are wonderfully weird sometimes. We take on strange challenges, like eating foods that should be peeled or unwrapped first, and pretending to walk on an “invisible” step.

Sometimes there’s just no explanation for why a bunch of people start posting a particularly goofy viral video involving beauty products and shoes — in this case, of filling their Crocs with shaving cream, then sticking their foot in the shoes.

Which pushes the shaving cream out of the Crocs’ holes.

Which is incredibly satisfying to watch.

Just look at these preschoolers squealing with glee as they take on the Crocs shaving cream challenge:

The shaving cream challenge appears to have originated on the short-video sharing app TikTok, which posted the collection of videos below on Instagram a few days ago. I’m still not sure why I could watch this on repeat all day (I have watched it at least 17 times now, maybe more), but sometimes there’s just no explaining the human brain:

Now Crocs owners are getting awfully creative with it. This one added food coloring, because why just have pure white cream oozing out of your shoes in perfect ribbons?

Some are shooting the video in slow motion, so the gratification is ever-so-slightly delayed:

Instagrammer @crocsncoolsocks posted this one in extra-slow motion (while wearing socks):

I guess they had to wear socks because it’s right there in their handle, but it seems like the wearer in this last video is missing out on that feeling of sticking your foot into a clog full of shaving cream — which for me somehow adds to the reason these videos are so fulfilling.

Of course, we are left with questions: Why is this so pleasing to watch? And how much more of my day will be taken up with watching shaving cream coming out of Crocs like a finely crafted fresh linguine noodle?

I think I’ll get to the bottom of that last question first.