Dad goes viral mirroring his daughter’s moves during cheerleading routine

cheer dad dancing in football stands
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Cheerleaders come in many different shapes and sizes — including the form of enthusiastic dads dancing from the stands.

One such dad, Andrè Simmons, recently went viral after his wife, Cecelia “Cece” Simmons, posted a TikTok video of the father of five perfectly matching his daughter’s school cheerleading team step-for-step — with a bit of dad swagger thrown in.

“Everyone always asks Andrè Simmons about the boys continuing his football legacy little do they know he’s waited his whole life to be a cheer dad,” Cece Simmons (@ceces40) captioned the Sept. 30 video, which now has more than 355,000 views.


Everyone always asks Andrè Simmons about the boys continuing his football legacy little do they know he’s waited his whole life to be a cheer dad 😁#fyp #cheerdad #family #love #viral #daughter

♬ original sound – Cece S

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Commenters wanted to crown Simmons dad of the year immediately.

@CharisJae, who received plenty of likes for their observation, said it looked like Simmons hadn’t missed a single practice, joking, “He is the coordinator, the girls are watching him for the next cue.”

Simmons’ moves were in imitation and support of his daughter Jazlyn, who is a cheerleader for Temple High School in Temple, Texas. According to “Good Morning America,” he wanted to learn her routine after she made the varsity team.

He told GMA he isn’t a great dancer, but since he’s often away as an Army infantryman, he wanted her to have this shared memory to make up for lost time.

“Once I got it down pat, I just jumped up there when I heard the band finally bring the song up and I got up there and did it with her,” he said.

On Oct. 20, Cece posted a follow-up video of Andrè doing another one of his daughter’s cheer routines from the sidelines, captioning it, “His support continues.”


His supports continues 😁 #fypage #viral #bonusdad #love #daughter #family #cheerdad

♬ original sound – Cece S

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Commenters once again loved it, and user @Sippin_HonesTea said, “I just want him to have his own set (of) poms.”

Others added that the team should throw in a uniform and let him officially join in on a routine by the end of the year.

Go Cheer Dad!

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