This optical illusion dance will play tricks on your eyes

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Talent shows are typically a little hit or miss, but these seven dancers proved that they really have what it takes to wow an audience—and took the concept of a “talent show” to a whole new level.

Not only did they manage to perfectly time their choreography, but they also  completely fooled the audience in the process. Because not only are these moves a display of their skill, but they also make for a clever optical illusion.

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The women stepped out wearing suits that are half white and half black. At first glance, it’s not hard to see what’s going on, and you may think it’d be easy to keep track of which leg is performing which movements—but trust us—it gets pretty confusing.

They’ve created a mashup of several songs, and as the music plays they stand still, only moving their legs to the beat of each song. (The songs they sample range from “Eye of the Tiger” to “Can’t Touch This.”) And that’s all it takes to totally trick the eyes. It’s pretty incredible, honestly.

Not Your Average Talent Show

The dance routine was part of the Silverdale First Ward LDS Talent Show, and since the video was originally posted, it’s racked up over a million views. Because clearly, people are into illusions.

The original poster noted that this was great for a group performance, and it really does seem like the perfect way to nail a dance routine, even if you’re not the most skilled dancer.

And these costumes would also be fun for Halloween if you’re looking to dress your family or friend group in matching costumes. Now, you have just to practice your dance moves!

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