You’ve Got To See This 9-Year-Old’s Winning Dance Moves

Kids may say the darnedest things, but what about their dance moves?

Last week, Chicago played host to the Taste of Randolph, a street festival that’s been running for the past 21 years. In addition to fine food and drink, the event features a number of music performances. And during one of these, 9-year-old Sage Tenfelde proved herself to be the best dancer in the city.

Local photographer Tony Martin recorded a video of the her dancing and posted it to Facebook, where it has since garnered a lot of attention. And when you see this little girl’s dance moves, you’ll understand why.

Martin was drawn to Sage because her dance skills definitely set her apart from everyone else. “I was like, ‘Wow! She has the moves. She is dancing better than anybody here,'” he told DNA Info.

As far as where her impeccable moves came from, she likely owes a little bit of that to her very musical dad. “My dad’s a DJ, and he loves music, and I like to dance with him and I go to a bunch of street fairs and have fun,” she told DNA Info. “I like to freestyle and make it up as I go,” Sage said. “All I have to do is, I hear the beat, and I’m off.”

So do you have what it takes to out-dance a 9-year-old? Yeah, it’s understandable. Her moves are pretty next level. And it’s easy to see why the video has gained so much attention online, too. Since it was posted to Facebook on June 16, it’s gotten over 400,000 views, over 3,000 shares and quite a few positive comments.

Facebook users are writing things such as, “This kid is my hero,” and “She was in the moment! Love it!” Because there’s nothing quite like letting the rhythm of a song guide you, and folks online are definitely impressed by her ability to do just that!

Tenfelde told DNA Info she studies dance at Healthy Hood in Pilsen and takes summer dance classes in downtown Chicago.

If you’re ever going to be as good as this gal, you’d better start practicing!

This Man Traveled 10,000 Miles To Dance With 100 Strangers In This Hilarious And Heartwarming Video

One of the greatest things about technology and the internet is the way it can bring people from all countries, cultures and walks of life together.

It’s hard to find a more accurate example of that power than this YouTube video entitled “100 People of Dance.” ProjectOneLife, aka Matt Bray, uploaded “100 People of Dance” as the third and final installment of dance videos from his account, including one titled “Top 100 Places of Dance.”

In “100 People of Dance,” 100 different people dance the same routine to the song “Gone” by JR JR.

The video begins with Bray dancing alone, then more and more people join in from places including parks, bridges, beaches and streets. Bray shows everyone how to do the dance, then they take it from there.

In the nearly four-minute video, day fades to night and night becomes day again as Bray and strangers perform the choreographed routine. Eventually, the dancing strangers do the dance alone before Bray joins larger groups of dancers for a finale.

Bray states in the video description that it “took two months of filming and a month and a half was spent living out on the road driving all around the USA and Canada, I drove a little over 10,000 miles.”

Bray writes that he is thankful to everyone who danced with him and helped him film the video. He writes that he met “so many amazing people, got to see so many friends, it was an experience of a life time.”

Bray writes on his YouTube account that his channel is about “living life to the fullest and having fun.” He says he documents himself having fun with his friends and crossing things off his bucket list.

If making people smile all over the world is part of that bucket list, we’d say he’s accomplished that goal!

Ryan Gosling’s Reaction To His Old Dance Video Is Priceless

Ryan Gosling showed off some impressive dance moves in “La La Land,” but you don’t get to be that good without some hard work. He’s been dancing since he was young, a recent interview with Graham Norton revealed.

Norton sat down with some of Hollywood’s finest—Gosling, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller and Ben Affleck—and had something “embarrassing” to show for each and every one of them.

Gosling, however, was the only one to get a video clip played this time, and the results are absolutely hilarious. The other actors seem impressed by his dance moves, but he doesn’t seem to remember the routine fondly. He jokes about his outfit, saying “I wish I could say someone said ‘Here, you have to wear this,’ but that was my idea. I had a vision for this number. Purple and silver hammer pants.”

Boy, am I glad to see what Gosling had in mind for this routine! From his outfit to his moves, he really couldn’t have done a better job. But, I must say, he’s come a long way since then as far as dance skills are concerned.

His reaction to this video still couldn’t have been more priceless. Norton asked him how old he was when he performed this and he retorted, “Old enough to know better.” Really, I think we’ve all been there before.

Watch as Gosling tells the tale of how he got to be on the stage with so many little girls, had some rivalry with some of the other male dancers, and more in the hilarious ‘90s flashback.

When you’re famous enough for someone to dig up dirt on you, this is just part of the job. But, as far as “dirt” goes, this was really pretty adorable. And I, for one, feel as though I should personally thank Norton for finding this little gem!


Check Out This Tap Dancing Tribute To Prince

While the media coverage of Prince’s death is fading, he’s still in the hearts and minds of a lot fans.   The Syncopated Ladies, a Los Angeles based tap dancing group, just created a pretty mesmerizing tribute to Prince’s “When Dove’s Cry,” and it has us pretty speechless.

This is the same group that created a recent viral hit when they performed a dance number to Beyoncé’s “Formation,” which had over six million views.

Keep on dancin’ ladies.

Bride And Groom Create Epic Music Video With The Help Of 250 Wedding Guests

This may be one of the most creative wedding videos we’ve found yet. Robert and Theresa had one pretty amazing start to their big day: the making of a one-take, 250-person music video. All the guests had instructions and props under their seats so they knew exactly what to do for their spot in the performance.

The video uploader, Robert Ly said “If you know Robert & Teresa, it should be no surprise that this superhero-themed wedding turned into an epic mashup of all kinds of crazy.  I mean, they do own a Ninja themed sushi restaurant so they quite enjoy crazy.”