20-minute Disney singalong workout combines dance and interval training

As I continue my quest for a healthier version of myself, I constantly look for different ways to get my sweat on. I’m going to be honest, though. Finding workouts that are fun and effective can be a challenge. If I’m going to get hot, sweaty and tired, I think it should at least be entertaining sometimes.

Lately, I’ve been sidelined with a foot injury (probably due to running) and have been taking the time to research other options for when my foot is out of this boot. In my quest to shake up my cardio routine, I stumbled upon a YouTube video for a 20 Minute Full Body Disney HIIT Hop Workout.

A dance workout to jammin’ Disney tunes? Since I’m a total Disney nerd, YouTube host That Disney Girl got my attention.


That Disney Girl teamed with up fitness instructor Emily Thorne (who created the actual workout) to share on her YouTube channel. The goal was to create a fitness routine that used some Disney jams to get viewers up and moving to burn some calories.

And the songs on the playlist are the perfect soundtrack to get your dancing feet and body going!

  • Warm-up: “What Dreams Are Made Of “(Hilary Duff, from “Lizzie McGuire”)
  • HIIT 1: “Get’cha Head in the Game” (by the “High School Musical” Cast)
  • HIIT 2: “I’ll Make a Man Out Of You” (from “Mulan”)
  • HIIT 3: “Hasta La Vista” (by the “Camp Rock” Cast)
  • HIIT 4: “Zero to Hero” (Ariana Grande, from “Hercules”)

Any workout that uses tunes from “Lizzie McGuire” and “High School Musical” and then weaves in classics like “Hercules” and “Mulan” has to be a good time!

Thorne’s workout combines elements of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and dance. Typically, HIIT workouts focus on full-body exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks and sit-ups. But, Thorne said those are “boring” and wanted something more fun.

“I’ve taken out all that stuff and I’ve actually replaced it with hip-hop choreography,” Thorne explained in the video.

The workout is only about 20 minutes total and that includes a warm-up. Each section is a specific song with its own choreography. Thorne uses the Tabata method to break down the activity: 20 seconds of high-intensity work with a 10-second rest period. Each step builds onto the next for short pieces of choreography so the routines are easy to learn.

I can’t wait to try this cardio session with a bunch of bopping Disney magic sprinkled throughout the workout! And, if you have little ones, it could be a great way to get them on board the activity train!

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