This Viral Video Of A Toddler Girl Holding A Corn Dog And Dancing to Beyoncé Will Make Your Day

If you need a little mood-booster today, we’ve found just the video for you. Millions of other people have already experienced the joy of watching a little girl dance to Beyoncé with a corn dog in her hand, and I’m sure they’d agree that it’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Brooke Mooney posted a video of her nearly 2-year-old daughter, Baylor, dancing along to “Crazy in Love” with a fan blowing her hair around, and the confidence the tot is exuding is definitely Bey-status. She’s even holding her corn dog because no matter what you’re doing, when a Beyoncé song comes on, you’ve got to pause and immediately start dancing. So, the “Crazy in Love” jam may have interrupted this little girl’s lunch, but she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

The video, naturally, has blown up online because anything Beyoncé-related — or involving adorable kids — is bound to be popular! So far, it has amassed more than 400,000 views on YouTube alone and has racked up millions more on Facebook and Twitter.

Mooney captioned the video on YouTube: “Our almost two-year-old little girl loves to dance, and after being inspired by another little girl dancing, we caught the most epic hair blowing, corn dog eating, Beyoncé dancing video!”

And you won’t want to miss one second of this clip:

That giggle at the end only makes the moment more adorable! This is pure happiness right here, folks.

People couldn’t get enough of this little girl living her best life, and reactions to the video clip came pouring in on social media:

Twitter user @LisaKearth pointed out that there’s no way this video won’t make you “smile BIG”:

And user @nelsonronin pointed out that when you’ve got a corn dog and a Beyoncé song comes on, “Life is good”:

Some people think this little girl is their inspiration, so much so that they’re claiming her as their own. “Dancing to Beyoncé with a corn dog in hand. I’ve found my kid,” Twitter user @sydneykaitlin16 wrote:

Even actress Sophia Bush couldn’t help but notice that this girl captured “the exact energy [she’s] trying to cultivate for 2019”:

Mooney told Nevada’s KOLO TV that she originally posted the video for friends and family to see and she “never, never” expected this to go viral.

She also says that Baylor and her brother, Kash, have dance parties at home all of the time, so there could be even more videos where this came from! And while the dance moves are adorable, the mom finds it funny that it’s really the addition of the corn dog that makes it.

“And it is just funny,” Mooney said. “Because the corn dog is what everyone loves about the video.”

As far as where her kids get their killer moves — this mom’s taking all of the credit.

“More or less they get their talent from me,” she jokingly told KOLO. Well said!

No matter where these dance moves came from, the internet just wants more of them. Keep the lunchtime jam sessions coming, Baylor!