These succulents make the perfect Halloween decorations

Succulents are definitely having a moment right now. These low-key, no-fuss plants have gone from home decor staple to nail trend to jewelery accessory, and now we even have Halloween succulents that are perfect for the spooky-chic person in your life.

Halloween succulents are actually a dark-colored succulent variety known as aeonium arboreum alropurpureum or an “Irish Rose.”

Romper writer Jamie Kenney came across this variety of succulents in July, and the witty writer gave them the apropos moniker “goth succulents”:

Like other varieties of succulent, the “goth succulent” requires very little care and tending. During the winter, you only need to water them about once a month. If you want to use fertilizer, you only need to apply it 2-3 times a season.

These plants do well inside during the winter months, and then can be transferred outdoors come summer. In fact, it is quite fitting that these succulents have become associated with Halloween, because the aeonium arboreum tends to go dormant and dull in the hot summer months, truly reviving once the cool, fresh weather of the fall begins.

That being said, do be sure that your “goth succulents” are in a place where they can enjoy full sunlight, even when they are indoors. Although they do well in cool temperatures, they do still need the sun to thrive and look their best. Check out this gorgeous one below, from Etsy seller SucculentsBox.

Etsy / SucculentsBox

If you want to purchase one of these dark plants for yourself, inquire at your local nursery. They likely won’t know of this plant as a “goth succulent” or “Halloween succulent,” but you can ask about it by its other names, such as Irish rose, tree houseleek or desert pinwheel rose.

You can also look online on sites such as Etsy. Sellers that currently have them listed include the aforementioned SucculentsBox, as well as JewelryLE, each of which offer many options and sizes.

Etsy / JewelryLE

Thanks to their rich, dark hues, these succulents would be perfect for a Halloween centerpiece or in pots outside by your Jack-O-Lanterns. Who knew creepy decor could look so chic?