10 Delightful Fruit-Infused Waters To Try Right Now

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The first time I had fruit-infused water, I thought it was the most amazing thing on Earth. A friend and I snuck into a fancy spa to use their bathroom and had some strawberry and orange-infused water. Delicious. Citrusy and sweet, but without all the sugar and calories of fruit juice!

After that spa water experience, I started to see fruit-infused water everywhere from the gym to friends’ houses to my grandma’s nursing home.

Below are my top picks that are easy to make and taste delicious. The possibilities truly are endless and, soon, you’ll not only be following online recipes, but coming up with your own concoctions, as well. Plus, your house guests will enjoy your new take on water – and will think they took way more work to create than they actually did!

For each recipe, I suggest making a pitcher of said water and sticking it in the fridge. Of course, the longer the fruit is in the water, the more flavorful it will be. Aside from storing it in a pitcher in your fridge, you can also pour some into a Mason jar or your water bottle (or a fancy water bottle like the Define Bottle, so you only sip water, not the fruit bits) and you’ll have healthy water all day long. You’ll have no excuse not to stay healthy!

1. Lemon & Mint

We’ve talked about all the benefits of lemon water before (how you should drink it EVERY day!), but adding mint adds a tasty twist! Plus, mint is good for you, too—helping to reduce anxiety, for instance. This recipe calls for a half-lemon and three mint leaves per eight ounces of water. Yum!


2. Apple Cinnamon

This apple-cinnamon combination is perfect for the Fall! Take some of those apples from apple picking and put them to good use when you add some cinnamon sticks and water to the mix. The apples will give you fiber (no one said you can’t eat them!) and the cinnamon has lots of antioxidants. This blogger loves to use Fuji apples, but you can have a taste test and see what you like best.


3. Watermelon Water

The great thing about watermelon water is that you can add any kind of addition to it and it’ll be great—rosemary, thyme, basil. Try one, try them all.


4. Lemon & Ginger

These are two of the healthiest things you can eat and drink! I try to drink this water daily. Though you don’t have to boil the ginger, it’ll be much more effective, health-wise, if you do. Then, drink it like tea or let it cool down and drink it like water.

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5. Refreshing Fruit Water

There are lots of health benefits to cucumbers, including that they reduce blood pressure. You can try several different herbs to accompany the cucumbers, but I love this recipe for Refreshing Fruit Water, which has cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries, lime, and mint. And water, of course. It’s almost like sangria, but without the alcohol. And sugar.


6. Orange Kiwi

The kiwis set this water apart from some of the other flavored waters out there and are the perfect contrast to the oranges. (You’ll see!)


7. Clementine Chamomile Lavender Water

This is just as unique and good it sounds. (If you can’t get your hands on actual lavender, fresh or dried, you can use lavender oil.)


8. Cucumber Jalapeño Mint Water

If you think this sounds like a spicy margarita or a sugarless mojito, you’re right. But, this version’s a LOT healthier! If you like spice, this water’s for you! Plus, jalapeños are great for your metabolism, so drink up!


9. Berry, Peach, And Coconut

This combination of fruit was remarkable. It also was a trick water-infusing recipe, as it calls for coconut water in addition to filtered water.


10. Pineapple Mint

This is delicious. Tip: the more you soak the pineapple, the better, as I found the water did not become infused as quickly as it did with more citrusy fruit. Also, I tried pineapple with cilantro (a very, very poor man’s margarita!) and pineapple and basil, so don’t limit yourself! You may also want to try coconut water with pieces of pineapple. Mmm.