This Dentist Put ‘Where’s Waldo?’ On His Ceiling To Keep Patients Entertained


Nobody looks forward to a trip to the dentist—but maybe that’s just because our dentists don’t have “Where’s Waldo?” posters on their ceiling.

A U.K. dentist’s creative strategy for helping patients relax—or distract them—while they’re reclining in the chair involves a familiar face and a striped sweater.

Earlier this month, Reddit user Michael Mannion shared a photo he took at his dentist’s office in Rugeley, Staffordshire.

In the photo, part of the ceiling over the chair where patients sit features a brightly-colored scene from “Where’s Waldo?” (which is apparently called “Where’s Wally?” in the U.K. The more you know!).

My local dentist has a ceiling “Where’s Wally?” for patients during appointments from mildlyinteresting

Sharp-eyed fans on Reddit identified it as a portion of the “Fairground” scene—though honestly, it mostly just looks like a lot of stripes from over here.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Mannion said he was a big fan of his dentist’s entertainment choices.

“The poster was probably put up for children specifically, but I know it would calm me down and distract me no matter what age I was,” Mannion said. “They only have one room for examinations, so all patients will see it.”

He said he was happy to discover how many other people around the world also appreciated the creative decor.

“I didn’t expect much from it but the discussion is great, especially learning about what Where’s Wally? is called in different countries,” he said.

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This might be the real story here: who knew Waldo changed his name when he crossed certain borders?

According to one user, the elusive guy we know as Waldo in the U.S. and Canada goes by “Wally” in several European countries, as well as Australia, South Africa and even Brazil. He’s also known as Charlie in France, Walter in Germany and Willy in Norway.

No wonder it’s so hard to find him—he doesn’t even keep the same name all the time!


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