Denzel Washington Gives 86-Year-Old Fan The Surprise Of A Lifetime When He Knocks On Her Door

He was looking for directions to a restaurant in Chicago.

Sometimes something so serendipitous happens, you just know it can’t be down to chance. That certainly seems to be the case for 86-year-old Chicago resident Juanita Hubbard.

Hubbard was minding her own business inside her home when she got a surprise visitor. The man who appeared at her door was none other than Hubbard’s favorite actor and superstar Denzel Washington.

It all started when Washington was looking for directions to a nearby restaurant. (Hmm, does he not have access to Waze? It is 2o17, after all.) No matter, it turned out to be a great thing for Hubbard that the famous actor was lost. He ran into a group of people who told him that Hubbard, who happens to be his biggest fan, lived just across the street.

The actor graciously decided to meet her, giving his super-fan the surprise of a lifetime. Hubbard’s granddaughter caught videos and photos of the sweet meeting and posted them to Facebook:

“This really made my grandmother and family’s day. It’s not often you see a legend come through the hood and shoot the breeze that was my grandma ‘boo thang’ for those 10 min. Not to mention he down,” she wrote in her original post (which has since been taken down).

Hubbard was joined by some of her other family members and neighbors, who all wanted to get a glimpse of the star. Hubbard can be seen holding Washington’s hand and looking up at him adoringly as he chats up the group as if they are old friends.

“I used to come here when I was 5, 6, 7 years old. Right up the block,” Washington says in a video captured during the meeting. “I’m regular folk…I’m right here. I’m not from Chicago, but I’m here unafraid.”

The post quickly went viral, and people on Facebook thought the whole encounter was totally heartwarming:

“That is so awesome! I’m sure they will never forget that day. The Grandma is adorable,” read one comment.

“She’s so cute. She ain’t letting go of her Denzel.I wouldn’t either,” said another.

We’re so glad this grandma got to meet her favorite star!