Dip boards are a charcuterie trend worth diving into

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The charcuterie craze isn’t going anywhere. Originally a sampling of meats, cheeses and other savory foods, the idea has evolved into an array of tempting displays such as hot cocoa boards, pancake boards and butter boards.

Another twist on the appetizer spread is trending: the dip board. And it only makes sense. Dips are delicious and fun to serve with all sorts of accompaniments, from chips and crackers to crudites, bread, meat and more.

For inspiration, charcuterie board expert and author of “The Art of the Board” Liv Carney teamed up with dip brand Heluva Good! to create a triple-dip board that would be ideal for any occasion.

Here’s her instructional video on how to achieve this triple board:

As you can see in the video, Carney topped the Heluva Good! classic French onion dip with caramelized onions and a balsamic reduction and served with French bread crostini for dipping.

She added freshly grated sharp cheddar, sliced jalapeño and a drizzle of hot honey to the jalapeño cheddar dip and suggested serving it with buttery crackers. For the buttermilk ranch dip, she added crumbled bacon and chives, then served it with some salty kettle-cooked potato chips for dipping.

You can spread practically any dip on an attractive board and dress it up with complementary flavors for a gathering-worthy spread.

For instance, you might top a hummus board with artichoke hearts, olives, cucumbers, peppers and cherry tomatoes. If you have a famous whipped ricotta dip, you might embellish it with sweet roasted tomatoes. A creamy avocado dip topped with red pepper slices and green herbs has a festive flair.

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You could even make a sweet dip board. For instance, who could resist banana pudding dip spread on a pretty board and topped with vanilla wafer crumbs, banana slices and mini marshmallows served with an assortment of cookies and graham crackers for dipping?

Sure, a bowl of dip is great, but the next time you host friends (or just want to impress your family), take it up a notch. Spread your favorite dip onto a board, decorate it with some delicious garnishes and wow them with a dip board.

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