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Disney World Now Has Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcakes That Actually Sparkle

It's so pretty!

Not long after unveiling an amazing looking macaron treat at Disneyland in California, Florida’s Walt Disney World now has its own delicious new dessert.

There are now unicorn cupcakes on the menu at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa!

The Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake is available now at the resort’s Gasparilla Island Grill. The name alone is a mouthful, and they are absolutely mouthwatering. The cupcakes start with a rose gold sponge cake and hazelnut cream cheese filling.

Then, it’s topped with a heavenly dollop of buttercream frosting. The cupcake is then decked out with dreamy details, like an edible chocolate unicorn horn, pastry ears and sweet rose-gold frosting for the mane. Guys, these cupcakes even sparkle.

These new treats are so enticing, some visitors have even claimed to have gobbled them up for breakfast. Honestly, given that Gasparilla Island Grill is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, these handheld sweets seem like a good choice at all hours.

Just look how ornate this thing is! It’s almost a shame to eat it.

Because I’m an adult and I can have cupcakes for breakfast if I want to. 😝 How beautiful is the Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake from Gasparilla Island Grill at the Grand Floridian!? Though with how beautiful it was, it left me feeling like I paid for a photo. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t floored and wouldn’t eat it again. The cupcake itself was a bit soggy and the filling inside was less than impressive. It was supposed to be a hazelnut buttercream, but all I could taste was buttercream and there was not much of it. I’ve never been a huge fan of Disney cupcakes though, so it could be the cupcake snob in me coming out. Try it if you feel the need, but I feel like I wasted calories. #unicorncupcake #unicorn #disneycupcakes #disneyfood #grandfloridian #wdw #disneyresort #magickingdomresorts #diningdisney #gasparillaislandgrill #orlando #orlandofoodie #centralfloridafood #orlandofood #breakfast #cupcake #cupcakesforbreakfast #rosegold #foodart #foodislove #sweets #iifym #foodoverdudes #fitfoodie #eatingfortheinsta #disney #dessert #hazlenut #buttercream #dailyfoodfeed

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Rosy Outlook

The Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake is just one piece of a full-blown rose gold renaissance sweeping through Disney’s parks. At Magic Kingdom Park’s Main Street Bakery, they’ve whipped up a Rose Gold Red Velvet Swirl Cupcake. This red velvet cupcake with rose gold buttercream comes with a mini-vanilla cupcake on top, rose gold buttercream frosting, chocolate crispy pearls and chocolate rose gold Minnie ears.

There’s also a Strawberry Rose Gold Cupcake at The Trolley Car Café inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. This pint-size pastry has strawberry frosting and crispy pearls.

Check out an array of these new desserts below.

New Rose Gold Ears cupcakes from Disney World MK: Rose Gold Red Velvet Swirl Cupcake topped with a mini-vanilla cupcake, rose gold buttercream, chocolate crispy pearls and chocolate rose gold Minnie ears at Main Street Bakery. Contemporary Resort: Rose Gold Vanilla Cupcake with strawberry filling, vanilla buttercream, strawberry crispy pearls and a dark chocolate rose gold Minnie hat Grand Floridian: Rose Gold Unicorn Cupcake with rose gold sponge and hazelnut cream cheese filling at Gasparilla Island Grill Polynesian Resort: Rose Gold Vanilla Cupcake with guava pastry cream at Capt. Cook’s and Kona Café #disneyfood #disneycupcakes #rosegold #rosegoldears #disneytreat #disneysnack #disneyworld #grandfloridian #polynesianresort #magickingdom #unicorn #minniemouse

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Recipe Box

You don’t have to venture all the way to Florida or California to get a taste of rose-gold delights. You can whip some up in your own kitchen with this easy recipe for moscato-infused cupcakes. In fact, it features pale pink frosting and gold sprinkles. You can even turn it into a unicorn with a few extra toppings. All of the magic, and none of the lines!

Disney fans, do you have a go-to dessert at one of the theme parks?