9 Dollar Store Finds That Will Turn You Into A Master Organizer

We all know there are plenty of excuses for not getting organized, but let’s set those aside for the moment. ‘Tis the season for a good cleaning, and with these inexpensive organizational tricks, there’s really no reason why you can’t get your home in order.

A simple trip to your local dollar store will open up a whole new world in terms of thrifty fixes. For just $1 apiece, you can pick up some items that will have your home looking spick and span, and no one will ever guess that you got your home looking this good for such a minimal price. Here’s how you can get your home clutter-free with just a few dollars and a bit of time.

1. Dishes & Candle Holders

A few cheap dishes and candle holders can easily be turned into the cutest tiered storage you ever did see. Follow this tutorial from True Blue Me and You.


2. Baskets

You can never have too many baskets. They can be used for storage in the closet (here’s a tutorial from DIY Energy), in the bathroom, you name it.

DIY Energy

3. Pocket Organizers

Shoe organizers can be filled with tons of things, whether it’s makeup, snacks, school supplies (as A Bowl Full of Lemons shows) or other odds and ends — there’s bound to be room for it here.

A Bowl Full of Lemons


4. Pantry Makeover

If your pantry has turned into a messy pile of half-eaten bags of chips and who knows what else, you’ll be inspired by The Social Home’s kitchen pantry, organized courtesy of inexpensive bins. (And here are lots more tips on organizing your pantry.)

A Social Home


5. Vases

You can also add candle holders to vases (or just use vases on their own) to store cotton swabs in the bathroom and more. Go on and get creative. There’s no wrong way to go with something this decorative. Follow this tutorial.

Screen shot 2016-05-05 at 11.35.51 PM
That's So Creative

6. Plastic Bins

Much like baskets, plastic bins are awesome! Organize your desk drawer, or if your silverware drawer isn’t cutting it, customize yours (like The Elm Life did) with a few of these that you might already have on hand.

Screen shot 2016-05-05 at 11.37.31 PM
The Elm Life

7. Ice Tray

Ice trays can be used to organize earrings (a clever idea from Yesterday on Tuesday) and individual eye shadows, so grab a couple of these to keep your jewelry and makeup all tidy and neat.

Yesterday On Tuesday

8. Shower Rings & Hangers

Shower rings and hangers make excellent storage for scarves and even purses with long straps. From the Desk has a quick tutorial. Just think of how organized your closet could be!

From The Desk

9. Baking Sheets

These baking sheets-turned-magnetic boards from A Spotted Pony are so cute. Just turn your old baking sheets into boards for holding notes to yourself or turned into calendars so you never forget a meeting again.

A Spotted Pony

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