Watch How The People In This Community Surprised Their Favorite Waitress

There are many amazing people out there in this world, but not all of them get the recognition they deserve. But the Dude. Be Nice Project is looking to change that by saying, “thank you” to people who are under-appreciated. Out of 150 people nominated, they chose to recognize Colleen of St. Louis, a server at Red Robin, for her kindness to the local community.

The mother of four has worked at the restaurant for 12 years, and those who work with Colleen speak highly of her, describing her as generous, giving and always willing to make time for others. One coworker said that over half of the customers who come in request that she be their server. More amazingly, she even dedicated time to make regular visits to a cancer-stricken customer who was a frequent diner at the restaurant. When the customer passed, Colleen set up a special day to honor her memory.

Because of her kind spirit, the team at Red Robin wanted to honor Colleen in a special way by throwing her a surprise party. They sent her off on some errands and set up a party in her honor. They even flew in her daughter from California to surprise her and hired her favorite band to perform.

Before the big reveal, Colleen believed the party was for a community outreach event and the film crew was from Red Robin’s corporate office. Little did she know, the whole thing was for her, and her reaction when she learns the truth is priceless. It’s so nice to see regular people being honored for making the world a better place, no matter how small their actions.

Take a look at the heart-warming video below: