Dunkin’ is releasing cereals flavored like their coffee drinks and yes, they contain caffeine


There’s nothing like a good breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee (or an iced one if that’s your thing) to start your day on the right track. Unfortunately, as you’re likely well aware, there isn’t always time for both a great breakfast and the perfect coffee on busy weekday mornings.

That’s all about to change, however, thanks to two brand new cereals brewed up by Post and some people who know a thing or two about coffee — the fine folks at Dunkin’.

Set to hit stores nationwide in August, the two cereals are not only inspired by Dunkin’s Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Latte, but they’re also brewed with Dunkin’ coffee. That means, yes, they contain caffeine!


If you like caramel flavors, the Caramel Macchiato cereal is made with crunchy cereal pieces and caramel-swirled marshmallows to mimic the indulgent taste of the layered iced coffee beverage. If chocolate is more your thing, the Mocha Latte cereal features a hint of chocolate and latte-swirled marshmallows.

Before you get too excited about being fully awake just thanks to a bowl of cereal, it’s important to note that a serving contains only a small amount of caffeine — equivalent to roughly a 10th of a cup of coffee. So, you’d have to eat about 10 bowls to equal the amount of caffeine in a cup of Joe — but, hey, that doesn’t really sound like a bad idea anyway!

“Coffee and cereal are the ultimate breakfast go-tos, ranking as the top two most consumed items to help people start their day,” Josh Jans, brand manager of Cereal Partnerships at Post Consumer Brands, said in a press release. “Getting the flavor right on our new cereals was a top priority, and we think we’ve nailed the rich, smooth and creamy taste.”

Once the cereals are available, you can find a store near you that sells them by using the product locator.



If you’d still prefer to drink your coffee and have a Dunkin’ near you, they have multiple hot, iced and frozen coffees and just added two new green tea refreshers to their menu just in time for summer.

The new refreshers are made with green tea, flavored fruit concentrate and B vitamins and come in two flavors: strawberry dragonfruit and peach passionfruit. They will available through the fall season.


Do you have to start your days with caffeine? Will you be trying the new Dunkin’ cereal when it hits store shelves?

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